Dangerous Dukes


A Duke in Turmoil: Dangerous Dukes Vol 9

a duke in turmoil



Who murdered the Duke of Alton?

Ros Ellwood returns to England after a ten-year absence to reluctantly assume the dukedom in his brother Andrew's stead, and to find answers.

Society had been scandalised by Andrew's very public affair with Maria Kennard, a beautiful debutante. Could her connections have taken the ultimate form of revenge? Had Emily, Andrew's conniving duchess, sought retribution to avoid being usurped? Or had Andrew's involvement in questionable activities designed to refill his depleted coffers result in his untimely demise? So many unanswered questions.


Thrown together with Sophia Kennard, who is keen to restore her sister's reputation in the eyes of a judgmental society, Ross finds himself distracted by her vibrant beauty and single-minded determination to get to the truth, no matter what embarrassing secrets might be uncovered.

Someone else is determined that Ross and Sophia won't find answers they seek. The indefinable something that draws Ross to the sister of the woman who could have destroyed Andrew, Ross fails to realize that danger threatens. Can he save Sophia from a conniving killer who will go to any lengths to preserve his secret identity? Even if he's successful, will it be possible for Ross and Sophia to find a future together when the exploits of their respective families threaten to tear them apart…


To Desire a Duke: Dangerous Dukes Vol 8




Evan Gilliard died a hero’s death at Waterloo but his widow, Brione, is shunned by society when rumours regarding his patriotism circulate. A senior British officer had been sharing sensitive military secrets with the French. Evan is no longer alive to clear his name so Brione must somehow find a way to prove that Evan was a patriot, or spend the rest of her days living in the shadow of his tarnished reputation.

Brione is convinced that Evan’s commanding officer, Troy Erskine, the Duke of Alford, must either be aware of the identity of the traitor, or himself be the guilty party. An unexpected opportunity presents itself to investigate when she takes the place of her friend Rachel Woodley’s maid at a house party held by the duke’s sister at Alford Castle in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

When Troy catches Brione searching through his private papers, he knows at once that she is not a maid. Forced to reveal her identity, Brione and Troy join forces. Brione is determined to save Evan’s reputation; Troy has been charged by the foreign secretary with discovering the traitor’s identity and restoring the reputation of the regiment he led into battle.

Troy, being pressured by his sister to select a wife, is attracted to the beautiful and fiercely determined Brione Gilliard. But Brione is in love with a ghost and Troy feels partially responsible for the man’s death, as well as being unsure about his loyalties.

As Brione and Troy delve deeper, shocking and unexpected facts come to light and Brione’s life is threatened. Can Troy save the woman who has come to mean so much to him and somehow persuade her that love deserves a second chance…


Never Dare a Duke: Dangerous Dukes Vol 7




Brinley Wentworth, the Duke of Exeter, is not in the best of moods when his mother insists upon his hosting a week-long shooting party—a paltry excuse to force eligible females upon him. Farrah Dorset is equally disenchanted with the prospect of accompany her friend Lady Hazel Beardsley to the party, aware that she will not be made welcome.

Brin, contrary by nature, takes an avid interest in Farrah, and not only in order to win a dare set by his closest friends. When someone tries to attack Farrah on his estate, it brings out Brin’s protective instincts in spades. Determined to keep the spirited Miss Dorset alive, he fails to take into account her fierce determination to look after herself.

Withstanding the disapproval of Brin’s formidable mother and the resentment of the females keen to secure Brin’s attention, the truth behind the attacks when it finally becomes apparent is so startling that Farrah throws caution to the wind in a reckless attempt to protect Brin.

Will Brin be in time to save the contrary creature who has stolen his heart…


Dukes and Indiscretions: Dangerous Dukes Vol 6

Dukes and indiscretions


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Georgia Langdon and Ellery Bentham, the Duke of Rochester, grew up on adjoining estates, confidantes and close friends. Ellery always intended that she would become his duchess and so feels hurt and insanely jealous when she marries his cousin David instead of him. When David is killed at Waterloo, Ellery blames himself for not taking better care of him during the heat of battle. Unable to face Georgia, he avoids her until his younger cousin Gerald disappears days before he is due to marry Imogen, Georgia’s sister.

Forced to put aside their differences and concentrate upon finding Gerald, Georgia is still inexplicably drawn to Ellery. When she is physically attacked, Ellery insists upon her residing beneath his roof until they get to the bottom of Gerald’s disappearance. But the more they find out about Gerald’s secret life, the more complex the situation becomes. Matters are not helped by the fierce physical attraction that they struggle to deny. But Georgia rejected Ellery in his hour of need. Can he forgive her, or ever trust her again? Georgia had compelling reasons to turn away from Ellery. Reasons she won’t ever embarrass herself by revealing. Will she?

And what of Gerald and the disreputable rogues he’s embroiled with? Can there be a way out for any of them…

Game of Dukes: Dangerous Dukes Vol 5

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Following the suspicious deaths of his uncle and his cousin, Phineas Webster returns reluctantly from America to take up his position as the new Duke of Ely. Shocked to find the estate in ruins, the stables and pastures empty, Phin is even more disturbed to find himself greeted by a beautiful woman pointing a shotgun at him.

Celeste Stirling, whose mother died in the same accident that claimed the life of the old duke, has been looking after the estate since his death. Having been persuaded not to shoot him, she agrees to stay on and help Phin restore the estate. The pair also delve into the mystery surrounding the fatal accident. Could it be connected to the family feud that pitted brother against brother sixteen years previously, resulting in Phin being whisked away to America by his father?

Will Phin and Celeste be able to fight the growing passion that threatens to engulf them and triumph over devious relatives who will stop at nothing to claim the estate for themselves…

Previously published as part of a Regency Romantics’ Boxset


Of Dukes and Deceptions: Dangerous Dukes Vol 4

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Nicholas Buchanan, The Duke of Dorchester, strikes a wager with his henchman, vowing to bed the enigmatic Alicia Woodley before his sojourn at Ravenswing Manor comes to an end. But he fails to take into account the fact that Alicia is disgusted by his superior attitude and wants as little as possible to do with him. Has the duke finally met his match?

When someone tries to kill Alicia, she and Nick are thrown constantly together as they search for the culprit. But in so doing, they must also search their hearts. And their growing passion for one another...

"The combination of multidimensional characters and Soliman's witty writing makes this a must-read." RT Book Reviews.


A Duke by Default: Dangerous Dukes Vol 3

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Marc Rothwell’s cousin should have been the next Duke of Broadstairs but died before he could assume the title. With the utmost reluctance, Marc takes his place and sets about finding a suitable wife in order to produce an heir. Caught in a compromising position with Miss Harriet Aston, Marc proposes to possibly the only woman in England with no interest in becoming a duchess. Marc soon discovers that Harriet will be anything other than a biddable wife. She appears determined to make him fall in love with her, even though he makes it perfectly clear that theirs will be a marriage of convenience.

In spite of his efforts to keep her safe, Harriet is brutally attacked. Before he can unearth the identities of those seeking to undermine his position, Marc is horrified when Harriet recklessly throws herself in the path of danger for a second time in an effort to protect him. Can Marc ensure the safety of his wilfully disobedient wife before his enemies strike again…



The Duke's Legacy Cover MEDIUMThe Duke's Legacy: Dangerous Dukes Vol 2

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As sole heir to the late Duke of Penrith's extensive estate, Abigail Carstairs suspects that someone is trying to kill her for her fortune. In desperation she turns to the notorious Lord Sebastian Denver for help. Unable to deny a lady in distress, Sebastian inveigles his way into Abbey's hunting lodge where all the prime suspects are gathered.

Distracted by his growing attraction towards Abbey, Sebastian is unprepared when a further attempt is made on her life. As he lays a daring trap for her aggressors, Sebastian finds himself in a race against time to keep her safe...



To Defy A Duke Cover MEDIUMTo Defy a Duke: Dangerous Dukes Vol 1


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Elias Shelton, the Duke of Winsdale, has a duty to produce an heir. Completely indifferent, he leaves his mother to invite all the most suitable candidates to a house party at Winsdale Park, promising to choose one of them as his duchess. Returning home after several days of pre-nuptial carousing, Eli falls from his horse and badly injures his head. His life is saved by a mysterious woman who fascinates and enthrals Eli.

Athena Defoe and her young twin sisters are hiding from their past in a tumbledown cottage on Eli’s estate. Athena refuses to place her trust in Eli, but he is equally determined to repay her by protecting her. To do so he must first discover what or whom she is so afraid of. With attention focused on her by the duke’s interest, Athena’s whereabouts becomes known and danger visits her quiet corner of Hampshire.

Caught up in the whirl of his mother’s entertainments, Eli must race against time to save the woman he’s fallen in love with, even if she isn’t duchess material…