Mrs Darcy Entertains Series

Mrs Darcy Entertains 1- 5



Miss Bingley’s RevengeMrs Darcy Entertains
Lydia descends upon Pemberley on the eve of Lizzy’s first house party as mistress of the opulent estate. Wickham has quit the army and gone to London to resurrect his career in the law.
Miss Bingley, determined to rescue Darcy from his reckless marriage, finds an unlikely ally in George Wickham. If Darcy were to find his ‘fine-eyed’ wife in a compromising position with Wickham of all people, he would never forgive her.
Can Lizzy save her marriage without hurting Jane by exposing Miss Bingley’s machinations? And what of Lydia? How can Lizzy protect her foolish sister in the face of Wickham’s despicable actions…
Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Dilemma
Lady Catherine de Bourgh invites herself to Pemberley, determined to bring about an engagement between her daughter Anne and Colonel Fitzwilliam. But the influence of Anne’s new tutor, the charismatic Mr Asquith, has brought out Anne’s rebellious streak.
Lizzy Darcy, struggling to handle Lady Catherine, is at her wits end when Mr Collins arrives at Pemberley, bringing disquieting rumours regarding Mr Asquith’s character.
Will Anne find the courage to defy her mother, risk being disinherited, and follow her heart? Can Joshua Fitzwilliam save Celia Sheffield, Lizzy’s neighbour and the woman who captivates him, from the debauched individual who wants more from her than simply to get his grasping hands on her fortune…
Miss Darcy’s Passion
After an absence of twelve years, Dominic Sanford returns to his dilapidated estate on the borders of Pemberley, journals having come into his possession that bring into question the accident that killed his parents. Could they have been murdered?
Georgiana Darcy feels an immediate attraction towards her brother’s engaging friend. Determined to help his search for the truth, she scours her own father’s diaries and discovers disquieting information about illegal activities at the time of the Sanfords’ demise.
As Dominic and Georgiana delve deeper, they uncover a fiendish web of criminality fuelled by a thirst for revenge against Dominic. By involving Georgiana, Dominic unwittingly places her in danger. Can he save the woman whom he has come to admire, and find justice for his parents…
Kitty Bennet’s Dilemma
Determined to propose to Kitty Bennet during the course of Mrs. Darcy’s house party, Major Richard Turner is forced to choose between family honour and his heart’s desire.
The prospect of fatherhood terrifies Wickham. Lydia and her family travel to Derbyshire to attend Lizzy’s party, from which Wickham is excluded. He follows them to his native county, determined to settle matters between himself and Darcy once and for all.
Tensions permeate the gathering as Lizzy struggles to keep the warring factions apart. Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet are at loggerheads. Richard’s father disapproves of almost everything he sees. Miss Bingley still has her sights set on Darcy. When Georgiana’s engagement ball goes off without a hitch, Lizzy allows herself to think the week must just be a success…until Kitty disappears under mysterious circumstances.
Who could have taken her and can she be found before her reputation is compromised beyond recall…
Lydia Wickham’s Journals
Wickham is dead and Lydia remains subdued, consumed by guilt over the selfish behaviour that almost cost her family its respectability. Lizzy Darcy encourages Lydia to record her earliest memories of life in Hertfordshire. But Lydia can only recall acts of rebellion and falls into an even deeper depression.
Patrick Shannon returns to Derbyshire after a ten year absence, suspicious about the demise of his late father’s thriving silk manufacturing business. Offering to help Lizzy’s enigmatic new neighbour, Lydia finds herself drawn into a web of secrecy and lies that threatens the safety of them both.
Meanwhile, Caroline Bingley has set her heart on winning Patrick’s affections and this time no member of the Bennet family will stand in her way…



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