Mrs Darcy Entertains Series

Lydia Wickham's Journal - Read Extract


Wickham has been dead for over a year but Lydia remains subdued, consumed by delayed guilt for the selfish behaviour that almost cost her family its respectability.

At a loss to know how to restore her sister’s spirits, Lizzy Darcy encourages Lydia to start a journal and record her earliest memories of life in Hertfordshire. But Lydia can only recall acts of rebellion on her part and falls into an even deeper depression.

Patrick Shannon returns to Derbyshire after a ten year absence, determined to discover what caused the demise of his late father’s thriving silk manufacturing business. Offering to help Lizzy’s enigmatic new neighbour, Lydia finds herself drawn into a web of secrecy and lies that threatens the safety of them both.

Meanwhile, Caroline Bingley has set her heart on winning Patrick’s affections and this time no member of the Bennet family will stand in her way…


Kitty Bennet's Despair


Lizzy Darcy’s spring house party is becoming a Pemberley tradition. This year her family and friends will meet four-month-old Marcus Darcy, as well as celebrating Georgiana’s engagement to Dominic Sanford. Lizzy will have the pleasure of all her sisters’ company but is apprehensive at the thought of her mother and Lady Catherine being at Pemberley at the same time.

Richard Turner, recently promoted to the rank of major, plans to propose to Kitty Bennet during the course of the party. His father makes the long journey to Derbyshire with disquieting news about their family’s future prospects, putting Richard under considerable pressure to marry a lady of his choosing. When his father accompanies him to Pemberley, Richard knows his preference for Kitty won’t meet with parental approval and that he must choose between his family and his heart’s desire.

Wickham resents being left to run Mr. Gardiner’s warehouse while his wife joins the rest of her family for the festivities at Pemberley. Worse, Lydia is increasing and the prospect of being tied down by fatherhood terrifies him. Backed into a corner, Wickham also goes to Derbyshire, determined to settle matters between himself and Darcy once and for all and insist upon the level of financial recompense befitting old Darcy’s favourite. Tensions and undercurrents permeate the gathering as Lizzy struggles to keep the warring factions apart. When Georgiana’s ball goes off without a hitch, she thinks she might just have managed it, until Kitty disappears under mysterious circumstances.

Who could have taken her and can she be found before her reputation is compromised beyond recall…


Miss Darcy's Passion


When Dominic Sanford’s parents die in a carriage accident, he is packed off to Scotland to be brought up in his uncle’s household. Twelve years later, a member of the London Company of Surgeons, he returns to his dilapidated estate that borders Pemberley. He plans to settle in Derbyshire and continue with his medical research, but has other pressing reasons for his return. His father’s journals have recently come into his possession and throw up questions about the accident that killed his parents. Perhaps it wasn’t an accident at all, and they were murdered. Dominic will not rest until he discovers the truth.

Georgiana Darcy sees Dominic for the first time at Colonel Fitzwilliam’s wedding and feels an immediate attraction towards her brother’s engaging friend. Determined to be of service to her neighbour, Georgiana scours her own father’s journals and discovers disquieting information about illegal activities at the time of the Sanfords’ demise.

As Dominic and Georgiana delve deeper, they uncover a fiendish web of organised criminality fuelled by thirst for revenge against Dominic. Georgiana unwittingly plays a major role in the miscreants’ plans and by involving her, Dominic has placed her directly in danger’s path. Can he find a way to fight back, save the woman whom he has come to admire, and find justice for his parents…


cfdColonel Fitzwilliam's Dilemma


Lady Catherine de Bough has invited herself to Pemberley, intent upon bringing about an engagement between her daughter Anne and Colonel Fitzwilliam. Unlike Darcy, Fitzwilliam must marry for money and so cannot fail to oblige Lady Catherine. But her ladyship has failed to take into account the improvement in her daughter’s health, brought about by the charismatic Mr. Asquith, inexplicably engaged by Lady Catherine to take Mrs. Jenkinson’s place as Anne’s tutor. Asquith opens Anne’s eyes with his worldly wisdom and engaging charm and she finds herself thinking the unthinkable.

For his part, Joshua Fitzwilliam longs for a love match to rival the Darcys. When he meets Celia Sheffield, a recent arrival in Derbyshire, he is enchanted by her beauty and wit. Widowed a year previously, Mrs. Sheffield’s fortune is being contested by someone from her past in Jamaica, from whence Mr. Asquith also hails. What is the connection between him and the woman Joshua has become fixated upon? Lizzy Darcy, expecting her first child, struggles to remain on congenial terms with Lady Catherine. She is at her wits end when Mr. Collins unexpectedly arrives, bringing with him grave rumours regarding Mr. Asquith’s character.  Will Anne find the courage to defy her mother, risk being disinherited, and follow her heart? And what of Joshua? Can he save Celia from the debauched individual who wants more from her than mere monetary rewards…


Miss Bingley's Revenge Cover MEDIUMMiss Bingley's Revenge


Aware that some people consider her unworthy of the title Mrs. Darcy, Lizzy is determined to prove her detractors wrong by throwing a magnificent house party at Pemberley. The smallest details have been worried over for weeks; nothing can possibly go wrong, can it? Lizzy starts to wonder about that when a distraught Lydia descends upon Pemberley on the eve of the party. Wickham has quit the army and gone to London to resurrect his career in the law. Miss Bingley is quite determined to rescue Darcy from his reckless marriage, convinced he must now regret it. She finds an unlikely ally in George Wickham, both of whom wish to avenge themselves on Lizzy, albeit for very different reasons. If Darcy were to find his ‘fine-eyed’ wife in a compromising position with Wickham of all people, he would surely never forgive her. Lizzy finds herself in a desperate fight to save her marriage, but can only do so by exposing Miss Bingley’s evil machinations. What damage will that do to Jane’s happiness with her Mr. Bingley? And what of Lydia? Even if Lizzy can prove to Darcy that she has been manipulated, how can she protect her sister in the face of Wickham’s desperate and despicable actions…   A sparkling continuation of Pride and Prejudice.


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