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  • Elegance and Grace Victorian Vigilantes Book 6

    Elegance and Grace: Victorian Vigilantes Book 6

    When Annabel Aitken, the spoiled and beautiful daughter of an influential politician, goes missing, her distraught family can’t work out whether she’s eloped or been kidnapped. In desperation they turn to Lord Torbay and his group of Victorian vigilantes to help find her – or at least discover her fate.

    Jake enlists the help of political aide Roscoe Floyd, Lord Glynde, whose blossoming romantic interest in Annabel’s older sister Jemima makes the case a very personal one for him. Connections to arrogant political usurper Fergus Quinn soon become apparent, and the delicate problem of the Irish Question rears its ugly head in a game of ruthless political one-upmanship, blackmail and the destruction of careers and reputations.

    Can Jake and Ros keep a lid on this potential powderkeg as they hunt for Annabel and try to uncover the real reason for her disappearance? Set against the rigid structure of elite nineteenth century Victorian society, their search must be played out according to the rules of the aristocracy – but not everyone is playing by those rules.

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  • Social Graces Victorian Vigilantes Book 5

    Social Graces: Victorian Vigilantes Book 5

    When a marquess’s affair with a leading actress ends in murder it threatens to bring the integrity of the entire British aristocracy into disrepute. Lord Chichester persuades Jake Morton, the Earl of Torbay, to clear his name. Sophia Larson, the dead actress’s sister, is equally determined to prove the marquess’s guilt.

    Thrown together with Otto Milton, an aspiring barrister and one of Jake’s trusted vigilantes, they delve into the murky world of London theatre land and unearth a number of alternative suspects, all of whom had reasons to want Connie Saville dead. Sophia, is out of her depth mixing in such elevated company and fights her inappropriate feelings for Otto, convinced that nothing can come of them.

    Olivia Morton, Jake’s countess, also befriends Sophia but is unable to stop her from rashly placing herself in danger in an effort to reveal the identity of the killer. Will Otto be in time to save Sophia from her own impetuosity…

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  • Fall from Grace Victorian Vigilantes Book 4

    Fall from Grace: Victorian Vigilantes Book 4

    Lady Megan Cantrell is escorted home from India by British diplomat and friend of her late husband, Lord Charles Hadley. Megan and her baby son, now the Earl Cantrell, are turned away from Cantrell Court and an attempt is subsequently made to abduct Megan’s son. Charles turns to Jake Morton, the Earl of Torbay, and his future wife, Olivia Grantley, for help in protecting the vulnerable widow and her child.

    The Cantrell clan close ranks and poison society’s opinion against Megan, the lowly daughter of an agent working for the East India Company, branding her an opportunist and a fraud. Until the validity of Megan’s hasty marriage to Jake’s friend Luke Cantrell and, more importantly, the legitimacy of Luke’s heir can be established, Megan’s life and that of her baby are in mortal danger.

    Olivia worries that the cloud still hanging over her reputation following the murder of her first husband will adversely affect Jake’s standing when they marry. Miranda Southcott, the woman Jake had intended to marry ten years previously, makes an unexpected reappearance in Jake’s life. Jealous and out for revenge she threatens to make public particulars of Jake’s brother’s death, implying that Jake was implicit in bringing it about.

    Can Jake find a way to save Megan and her son, fend off Miranda’s attempts at blackmail, keep his and Olivia’s reputations intact and persuade Olivia to go through with the marriage…

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  • With Good Grace Victorian Vigilantes Book 3

    With Good Grace: Victorian Vigilantes Book 3

    Olivia Grantley has spent two years putting the ordeal of being falsely accused of her husband’s murder behind her. But the nightmare comes crashing back in on her when her sister-in-law begs her to search for her missing husband, Sir Hubert Grantley.

    Olivia enlists the help of Jacob Morton, the dangerous and attractive Earl of Torbay, who saved her from the gallows and for whom she now works as a vigilante. Their search for Sir Hubert embroils them in the petty jealousies and brutal competition of London theatre-land, but when Olivia’s late husband’s theatrical agency is searched and a man killed in the process, it feels as though history is in danger of repeating itself.

    Convinced that whoever killed Marcus Grantley is also responsible for this latest killing, Jake is determined to protect the lady who owns his heart and discover the real reason for Marcus’s death. But when Olivia’s three-year-old son is threatened, Jake fears that even a man with all of his resources will be unequal to the task of saving him.

    Who killed Marcus Grantley? What has become of Sir Hubert? Will Olivia’s son be saved and will Olivia and Jake finally admit to their feelings for one another?

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  • Heirs and Graces Victorian Vigilantes Book 2

    Heirs and Graces: Victorian Vigilantes Book 2

    England 1852. The middle classes, now wealthier than many established aristocratic families, are demanding social equality and more say in running the country. When one of the Prime Minister’s main critics is found dead under questionable circumstances, suspicion falls upon a group of extreme Radicals and Jacob Morton, Earl of Torbay, is tasked with investigating.

    At Jake’s request, Olivia Grantley befriends Amelia Armitage, a young middle-class woman whose father has links to the Radicals. When Mabel Lloyd, a worker at the Armitage Glassworks who is pregnant with Amelia’s brother’s child, also falls into Jake and Olivia’s hands, the lines of the established social divide become ill-defined.

    When Amelia refuses an advantageous offer of marriage, she runs to Olivia to avoid her father’s wrath and to protect her trust fund from being exploited by Radical opportunists. Jake’s friend Lord Fergus Willard is impressed by the spirited young woman’s determination and takes it upon himself to protect her. With the disappearance of Mabel’s father and the prospect of a more daring attack by the Radicals in the offing, Jake and Olivia struggle to stay one step ahead of their enemies.

    Will Jake and Olivia finally succumb to the sparks of their long-held passion? Will Jake obey his political masters? Or will he follow his conscience and rescue Mabel’s father from the hands of desperate men…

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  • Saving Grace Victorian Vigilantes Book 1

    Saving Grace: Victorian Vigilantes Book 1

    1851 The year of the Great Exhibition in England. The largest diamond in the world has been gifted to Queen Victoria. Plans are afoot to steal it and the Home Secretary calls in Jacob Morton, the Earl of Torbay, and his highly-trained band of vigilantes to prevent the theft causing a diplomatic incident.

    Lady Eva Woodstock is trapped in a loveless marriage to the man behind the plot. Throwing in her lot with Jake and his compelling associate, Lord Isaac Arnold, her dormant passions are awoken beneath Isaac’s skilful hands. But she will never be free of her husband, nor will she gain custody of her daughter, Grace, unless she can find the courage to face up to William and beat him at his own game.

    How far will a mother go to secure her child’s future and protect the man she loves…

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