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Welcome to my fictional world!
Hi, I’m a best selling author of Regency and Victorian romance and crime fiction, living in the UK with Markos Alonso, my rescued Spanish full bio
Series and Latest Books
Loyal to the Duke Ducal Encounters Series 4 Vol 5

When Noah Coleridge accepts the position of lord lieutenant, a figure of authority responsible for law and order in Basingstoke and beyond, he is unprepared for the level of unrest that exists in the region. Unsure whom to trust, he turns to…

To Challenge a Duke

Portia Heston is engaged by Lady Selby to prepare her daughter Emily for presentation. She is delighted when she is included in an invitation issued by the Dowager Duchess of Hamilton to spend the summer at Hamilton Hall…

Romancing the Runaway The Forsters Series book 4

England 1816 Miranda Cantrell is desperate to escape the confines of her overbearing guardian and return home to Cornwall. She’s certainly not going to marry his ridiculous son. What she doesn’t anticipate is finding herself stranded, wedged between…

A Sense of Paradise Perceptions Book 8

On the brink of matrimony, Flora Latimer harbours misgivings about her ability to permanently hold the affections of the sophisticated Marquess of Felsham. Her doubts intensity when Eloise Garnier comes to England, seeking Archie’s help…

A Sense of Awareness - Perceptions Series 2 Book 1 - Wendy Soliman

England 1887. Flora Latimer, blissfully married to Archie Hardwick, the Marquess of Felsham, has a growing family to keep her occupied. Her sister Melanie has taken over many of her duties and both sisters remain in tune with Remus…

Death of a Scribe Riley Rochester Investigates Book 10

London 1872. All of society is on tenterhooks. One of its members has the audacity to sell tattle to a gossip magazine. Reputations and worse are being ruined and those with something to hide fear they will be the gossip’s next target. When Lord…

Carlton House Cartel Amara

July 1816, one of the wettest summers in living memory. The Prince of Wales transfers his court to his Brighton seaside pavilion at a time when the squabble with Greece over the Elgin marbles is in danger of turning into a…

Needs Must - Regency Ladies Series Vol 5 - Wendy Soliman

Donna Harte returns to England with little more than the clothes on her back and a burning desire for revenge. Drawn to a tumbledown cottage on the edge of The Earl of Arndale’s estate, Donna senses an otherworldly presence and learns that

Charlie Hunter, Detective Inspector retired at forty to work on his boat and go fishing with his son, not to become an amateur sleuth. But he can’t say no to Kara Webb when she seeks his help tracking down her sister, missing for fifteen years. The disappearance…

Sacrificial Bride

Cordelia Bentham agrees to marry Sir Cyril Montgomery, providing he settles her father’s debts. She doubts her decision the minute she sets eyes on Sir Cyril – a fat, cruel and drunken dolt who has no intention of making good on his promises to her father…

Miss Bingley’s Revenge

Lydia descends upon Pemberley on the eve of Lizzy’s first house party as mistress of the opulent estate. Wickham has quit the army and gone to London to resurrect his career in the law…

Saving Grace

1851 The Great Exhibition. The largest diamond in the world has been gifted to Queen Victoria. Plans to steal it reach the Home Secretary, who calls in Jacob Morton, the Earl…

Welcome to my fictional world!

Welcome to my fictional world! I was raised on the Isle of Wight in Southern England, surrounded by castles, stately homes and Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s island retreat, was literally on my doorstep. I think I must have absorbed the vibes without even knowing it, accounting for my love of English history, especially the rich Regency period. It’s an endless source of fascination for a writer with a lively imagination.

I wrote my first full-length Regency novel when I was in my early twenties (and no, I’m not admitting to how long ago that was!). I resurrected it many years later and it now forms the basis of the plot for one of my many published books. Moral of the story – never throw anything away.

Please take a look around this site. You’ll find a ton of Regencies, plus quite a few contemporary romances and, writing as W. Soliman, a series of marine crime mysteries featuring live-aboard detective Charlie Hunter. I spent years avoiding boats while living on the island, and more recently helping my husband to get over his obsession with the damned things. Never waste an experience!

Thanks for stopping by. If you get around to reading any of my books, and you can sample the first chapter of all of them right here, please let me know what you think of them. I’d love to hear from you.


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