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  • A Sense of Awareness - Perceptions Series 2 Book 1 - Wendy Soliman

    A Sense of Awareness: Perceptions Series 2 Book 1

    England 1887

    Flora Latimer, blissfully married to Archie Hardwick, the Marquess of Felsham, has a growing family to keep her occupied. Her sister Melanie has taken over many of her duties and both sisters remain in tune with Remus, their annoyingly evasive spirit guide.

    Rumours of a rebellion planned for the eve of the queen’s jubilee celebrations come to Archie’s attention. They seem more plausible when Jessica Holland, an old friend of Melanie’s, descends upon Felsham Hall with tales of a plot she has overheard to assassinate the queen.

    Melanie’s disgraced father, Darius Latimer, once the Dean of Salisbury Cathedral, is up to his neck in the plot, intent upon placing the blame on Archie in order to avenge himself on his disobedient daughters and regain favour in the seat of ecclesiastical power.

    Can Latimer be put in his place once and for all? Can Archie protect his family and his reputation from the fallout? Will Remus be more of a hinderance than help? As for Jessica, what can she do about her growing attraction towards Archie’s handsome young butler …

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