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  • Needs Must - Regency Ladies Series Vol 5 - Wendy Soliman

    Needs Must: Regency Ladies Series Vol 5

    Donna Harte returns to England with little more than the clothes on her back and a burning desire for revenge. Drawn to a tumbledown cottage on the edge of The Earl of Arndale’s estate, Donna senses an otherworldly presence and learns that the cottage is supposedly haunted by the spirit of Esmeralda Bagshott.

    Caleb Russell, the current earl, is impressed by Donna’s independent spirit and stark determination to fight for her rights. When it transpires that her brother-in-law has stolen her inheritance and could also have been involved in Esmeralda’s murder, it seems logical for them to work together and somehow get Ian Harte to admit to his crimes.

    With local society turning their backs on Donna and with only the earl to protect her interests, can Donna get to the truth? Will Cal be able to find out who killed his neighbour’s wife, thereby healing a decade long rift?

    And what of the burning passion developing between Donna and Cal? Under suspicion following her husband’s sudden death, she is entirely unsuitable countess material …

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  • Lady Controversial - Regency Ladies Vol 4 - Wendy Soliman

    Lady Controversial: Regency Ladies Series Vol 4

    When the Viscount Crawley loses his estate on the turn of a card, he puts a bullet through head. His daughters remove themselves to a derelict cottage on the outskirts of Lord Finchdean’s estate where Isolda jealously guards their dwindling funds, determined to honour her father’s wish. Jane, the beauty of the family, must have a season and the opportunity to make a good marriage.

    Ellery Haigh, the Earl of Finchdean, encounters Isolda when she overturns her gig and finishes up in a ditch. They both have their suspicions regarding Lord Brooke, who won Crawley Place from Isolda’s father in that infamous game of cards. Isolda’s suspicions increase when Brooke offers the sisters shelter and seems determined to get his hands on Isolda’s tumbledown cottage.

    Ellery has a long-standing feud with Brooke and is disconcerted to discover that his nemesis has acquired a large swathe of land bordering his estate. He works with Isolda to try and discover why but becomes distracted by his growing attraction to Isolda herself.

    Isolda, despite being a lady in her own right, tries to ignore her awareness of the handsome earl. Not only does she keep the wolf from the door by the most unconventional of means that would see her ostricised by society but she has also sworn off marriage.

    When matters come to a head in the most unexpected manner and long-buried secrets are revealed, will Isolda be able to shake off her patchwork past and feel worthy of the man she has come to adore?

    Will Ellery be able to keep his headstrong siren safe from her own impetuosity…

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  • Lady Audacious Regency Ladies Series

    Lady Audacious: Regency Ladies Series Vol 3

    Odile Aspen has no recollection of her life before being enrolled as a bewildered ten-year-old at Miss Mackenzie’s Academy for Young Ladies. Upon graduating to a teaching post, a dull, repetitive routine is all she has to look forward to, until she unexpectedly inherits a derelict house and a huge sum of money with which to maintain it.

    Odile doesn’t hesitate to rise to a challenge, and the opportunity to delve into her mysterious past. Her nearest neighbour, Ruben Emory, the elegant and highly-eligible Earl of Amberley, is anxious to purchase Fox Hollow, the eyesore on the perimeter of his property that has remained derelict for years, but Odile isn’t willing to sell. He’s drawn to the intensely private young woman and involves himself in her quest to find answers. Who is she and what right does she have to the house?

    Sarah Farquhar, his mother’s goddaughter, is convinced that Ruben is in love with her and that they will soon be married. Incensed by his interest in someone as inconsequential as Odile, she goes to extreme lengths to eliminate the competition.

    Can Ruben save Odile from the vindictive, unbalanced Sarah, help her find the key to her mysterious background and save her from those queuing up to exploit her…

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  • Lady Impetuous

    Lady Impetuous: Regency Ladies Series Vol 2

    Following the death of her father, Lady Adela Gantz and her mother return to London at the height of the season.
    Lord Ezra Bairstow, a successful government spy during the war with Napoleon, is charged with discovering the name of a traitor whose identity died with Adela’s father. He befriends Adela, convinced that the evidence he requires will be amongst her father’s possessions.

    The traitor will stop at nothing to keep his identity secret. Adela’s cousin will stop at nothing to claim her house in Eaton Square. Ezra is determined to bring the traitor to justice, but when Adela’s life is threatened, will he be able to safeguard the lady who is in danger of stealing his heart…

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  • Lady Mysterious Regency Ladies Series

    Lady Mysterious: Regency Ladies Series Vol 1

    Kyra Latimer reluctantly returns to Latimer Lodge to help her grandmother organise a house party in the hope of attracting a rich husband for her beautiful younger sister. Lord Nathan Stanford, the guest of honour, is easily able to resist Melanie Latimer’s charms but is intrigued by Kyra’s secretive activities. Why did she leave her family home and why, at such a young age, has she withdrawn from the marriage mart?

    Nate makes it his business to find out more about the mysterious lady who single-handedly holds her fragmented family together. Shocked to the core by what he discovers, Nate sets out to protect her from the gambling curse that has destroyed her family and the evil man who wants to possess her. But at what cost to himself? Will he be able to help her find out why her brother’s wife disappeared without trace? And will Nate find a way to convince Kyra that spinsterhood doesn’t suit her…

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