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A Story to Strangle For

A BRAND NEW gripping cozy mystery full of twists and turns from E V Hunter for 2024” 

A Story to Strangle For - EV Hunter

A failing hotel…

With its reputation in tatters, Alexi Ellis is determined to save her beloved Hopgood Hall from any more bad press. A writing course for wannabe journalsits shouldn’t cause too many issues and will hopefully take the heat off Hopgood Hall….

A shocking death…

But disaster strikes when one of the group is found dead in a local pub. What’s worse Alexi was the last person to see the victim alive, which makes her suspect number one.

A case too close to home?

Alexi is sure she is being set up, but who would go to such deadly lengths? With her reputation and liberty on the line, this is a case Alexi, Jack and Cosmo can’t afford to leave unsolved!

Perfect for fans of Faith Martin, Frances Evesham and Emma Davies.

E.V. Hunter - A Marriage To Murder For - Available at Amazon

A Marriage To Murder For

“A thrilling murder mystery that kept me turning the pages. Well worth a read.– Bestselling author T.A. Williams

A Marriage to Murder For - EV Hunter

The high society wedding…

Social media influencer Crystabel Hughes is determined her wedding to Giles Preston Smythe will be the talk of the town. No matter the cost or the upset, nothing will stop this wedding!

A cheating groom…

But for Alexi Ellis and the rest of the staff at Hopgood Hall, Crystabel’s demands are becoming increasingly extreme. And when Alexi spots the groom getting up close and personal with one of the bridesmaids, she fears trouble is only a bouquet toss away.

A killer bride caught red-handed?

And Alexi’s fears are confirmed when the groom is found dead on the night before the wedding, stabbed through the heart – the person holding the dagger. his beloved bride-to be Crystabel.

Hopgood Hall doesn’t need any more bad press, but the race is on to find the killer and close the case before Crystable live streams her dilemma.

Can Alexi, Jack and Cosmo find out why Giles was killed? And, more importantly, can they stop the killer before they strike again?

E.V. Hunter - A Marriage To Murder For - Available at Amazon

A Contest To Kill For

Perfect for fans of Faith Martin, Frances Evesham and Emma Davies.

A Contest to Kill For - E.V, Hunter

The competition is fierce….

Desperate to try and rebuild the reputation of Hopgood Hall, owners Alexi Ellis and Cheryl and Drew Hopgood agree to host a realty TV baking show, spearheaded by their arrogant but enigmatic head chef Marcel Gasquet. Hopefully the ratings will bring in bookings to the struggling hotel and Cosmo, Alexi’s antisocial feral cat, is hoping to get a starring role too!

The temperature is high…

Fiery and hot-headed, Marcel’s antics makes for brilliant television, but off-screen trouble is brewing. One of the contestants, femme fatale Juliette Hammond, makes it clear that she will do anything to secure the winning prize – even if it means sweetening up the prima donna chef.

The results are deadly!

So when Juliette is found dead, all eyes turn to Marcel. Has his fiery French temper got the better of him or has someone else fallen victim to Juliette’s devious ways?

With the reputation of the hotel in tatters and Marcel’s liberty on the line, Alexi needs answers and fast.  And the only person she can turn to for help is her old friend and private eye Jack Maddox.  Jack’s working his own case, but he can’t refuse Alexi and he knows more than anyone that this murder could cost them everything!

E.V. Hunter - A Contest To Kill For - Available at Amazon

A Date To Die For

The start of brand-new Cozy Crime series! Welcome to Hopgood Hall.

A Date To Die For - E.V. Hunter

An unlikely duo…

When investigative journalist, Alexi Ellis, falls victim to cutbacks, she and Cosmo, her anti-social feral cat, head for beautiful Hopgood Hall, where they plan to lick their wounds in the boutique hotel run by her old friends, Cheryl and Drew Hopgood.

A missing woman…

But when she arrives Alexi discovers Cheryl and Drew both distraught. Their close friend, Natalie Parker, who recently settled in the area, has gone missing. Alexi’s sure the woman has just taken a trip somewhere, but she still has a nose for a story and agrees to look into it.

A case to solve!

So too does ex-Met Police detective turned private eye, Jack Maddox. Natalie Parker had been using his sister’s online dating agency and Jack needs to find her before his sister’s business is ruined.

Reluctantly, Alexi, Jack – and Cosmo! – join forces to find out what happened to Natalie. But soon they discover secrets that someone desperately wants to make sure are never revealed!

E.V. Hunter - A Date To Die For - Available at Amazon



Reader Reviews for A Date To Die For

If you want to dip your toe into the cosy crime genre then this is the book for you! It is incredible. I loved every word and Cosmo the cat is just hilarious‘ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reader Review

A Date To Die For would make a fabulous early evening television series. I really enjoyed it and look forward to much more from E V Hunter‘⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reader Review

The author certainly knows how to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into what proves to be one heck of a story‘⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reader Review