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I’m of the firm belief that being brought up on the Isle of Wight in Southern England accounts for my abiding love of bygone times. It’s pretty hard to ignore Osborne House, Queen Victoria’s Island retreat, or Carisbrooke Castle, where Charles 1st was held prior to his execution. We have Roman ruins and more castles and stately homes dating back centuries than I’d be able to name. All with fascinating stories to tell. I think I must have absorbed the vibes like osmosis. Vibes that inspired me when still a small child to make up stories featuring people a long time dead. Daydreaming about them earned me more than one detention! Most unjust, in my opinion. I didn’t think there was anything strange about living this fantasy world inside my head. Everyone does it, don’t they?



Following the recent death of my husband, I have returned to live in the UK after twenty years of being an ex-pat. I share my home with Markos Alonso, a rescued Spanish Podenco, and walk miles with him across the beautiful South Downs National Park every day.


I spend the majority of my time writing regency romance and Victorian crime fiction, infused with a healthy dose of romance, naturally. But I’ve also written a few contemporary romances, a series of marine crime mysteries and Downsizing, a romance featuring the prejudices faced by an overweight heroine. Oh, and Topspin, another contemporary based around the in-fighting in a local tennis club.


Whichever of my books you decide to read, I do hope you enjoy escaping into my fictional world. Please contact me and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

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