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Name of the Game

Ashley believes her boss when he says his marriage if over. They enter into a steamy affair and Ashley works her butt off, preparing the company for amalgamation with a rival, so that she and Matt can go public with their relationship. Her world falls apart when Matt’s ‘estranged’ wife appears at the office, clearly pregnant.
Ashley breaks off the affair but Matt won’t let up on her. He convinces her that he isn’t the father of the baby but must stand by Eve until the amalgamation goes through because she owns a vital five per cent of the company’s shares.
Someone is trying to sabotage the amalgamation. Ashley delves deep, trying to find out who, and to rescue the man she loves from the brink of ruin, only to find that she’s placed her own life on the line…

Maxine Small, invisible in a crowded room because no one can see through the extraneous layers of fat to the intelligent and sensitive girl lurking beneath them. No one, that is, except local heartthrob Noah Fenwick. But he too lets her down when he ups and marries Maxine’s best friend—her pretty, skinny best friend whom he always pretended to hate.

Maxine runs away to university and buries herself in her studies. She doesn't see Noah again for twelve years but never stops thinking about his betrayal. Slimmer now, she returns to her home town as a successful lawyer, hoping to lay the ghost that’s Noah to rest so she can get on with the rest of her life.

With three children, Noah is trapped in a loveless marriage with no escape clause. Drawn towards him as strongly as ever, Maxine learns the true reasons behind his marriage to Cassie, which places her in an impossible position. With the children being used as human bargaining tools, there’s nothing Noah and Maxine can do about their feelings for one another. Or is there…

Warning: This novel contains adult content and graphic language.

Enforcer, Jack Regent, known and feared throughout the East End of London. In Jack’s line of work, life expectancy is short, retirement benefits zilch, and there’s always someone new coming along who thinks he’s harder.
Tired of constantly watching his own back, Jack retires to the south coast where no one knows who he is. Content to spend his days honing his tennis game and drinking too much, Jack’s past catches up with him when thugs with a grudge track him down, bursting for revenge. Jack’s violent proclivities refuse to stay dormant when the people he cares about most are placed in danger and his peaceful life starts to crumble around him.
How many laws will he break to protect the wife who betrayed him…



Unfinished_finalThe Hunter Files - Unfinished Business


Unimpressed by the direction the police force was moving in, recently divorced and in his early forties, Charlie Hunter takes early retirement and sets out to live a quiet life restoring his trawler yacht. But his past won’t let him go and when Kara Webb, an attractive woman who was still a child when he last saw her, asks him to help locate her long lost sister, Charlie reluctantly agrees. Perhaps if he’d know it would pull him into the murky world of the Russian Mafia, sophisticated cyber crime, oh and world terrorism, putting his life in severe danger, he might have thought twice about it…


riskyThe Hunter Files - Risky Business


Charlie always doubted that Mike Kendall killed bookie Jeff Spelling. Persuaded by Mike’s daughter to reinvestigate, Charlie is drawn into the murky world of race fixing. When the solicitor acting for powerful gaming club magnet, Peter Garnet, is also murdered, Charlie is forced to confront dormant family issues when his estranged step-brother appeals to him for help.

His old nemesis, Inspector Gillian Slater, is out for Charlie’s blood. Charlie was one of the last people to see the solicitor alive so she’s convinced he knows more about the his death than he’s prepared to admit and is determined to pin the crime on him.

Charlie and Kara, suspecting a drug connection, are caught in a life and death situation, fighting against the odds to uncover the truth.

Risky Business by W. Soliman available 25th June from Carina Press and


The Hunter Files - Lethal Business


Why kill the survivors of a sinking ship?

A speeding boat rams a life raft, leaving no survivors. A man embroiled in an investigation of potential suicide bombers disappears…

Retired inspector Charlie Hunter's belief that the two events are related leads him to accept a job working a charter between England and France. The only way to find out the truth is to be the man on the inside.

But Charlie's life is at risk on the rough Channel. All is not as it seems on the shifting seas, and some players are holding secrets that will change the game…and the sunken life raft is the key.

Go back to the beginning with Unfinished Business, available now!


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