Ducal Encounters Series 3

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  • Protecting the Duke's Interests Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 6

    Protecting the Duke’s Interests: Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 6

    With her brother away on his wedding journey, Ruby Bancroft comes to stay at Winchester Park as a guest of the duke and duchess, where sparks fly as she renews her friendship with Harry Darwin.

    Meanwhile there are forces at work against the duke, seeking to right perceived wrongs. An
    unscrupulous person looks to exploit Ruby in her brother’s absence with a plot that will bankrupt Harry and destroy the duke’s reputation forever. He sets about entangling her and Harry in a web of intrigue involving gambling dens and orphaned girls smuggled into Winchester from various
    European countries for disreputable purposes. But the mysterious figure who controls matters
    reckon without the ingenuity of two of his captives. Will those captives be able to escape a fate
    worse than death, and will the timely reappearance of a beloved family member be enough to save
    the day…

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  • Supporting the Duke Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 5

    Supporting the Duke: Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 5

    After the death of his father, Elijah Bancroft returns from India to take up residence at Highclere, situated on the boundary with Winchester Park, the home of Zachary Sheridan, Duke of Winchester. Bancroft brings with him his younger sister—and a family secret big enough to trouble the government of the day. He seeks the duke’s help to establish himself and right some old wrongs.

    Meanwhile agitators stir up unrest in the district. Joseph Phelton, an idealist and poet suffering from an unrequited love for the duchess’s niece Jessica, drunkenly accepts a commission that could destroy Zach’s happiness in a single cruel blow. Elijah’s eyes are drawn to Jessica too, and he vows to protect her as he struggles to clear his family name and restore his reputation.

    Is Elijah stretching himself to thin? And can the duke and his brothers prevent a plot that could strike at the heart of the Sheridan family…

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  • By Order of the Duke Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 4

    By Order of the Duke: Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 4

    When Georgia Hadleigh falls from her horse in a blizzard she is rescued by Ezra Rutherford, a neighbour who has just returned from Jamaica to take charge of his late father’s English estate. The Hadleighs and the Rutherfords have been embroiled in a bitter feud which has lasted for so long that nobody can recall the reason for it. In an act of spite and retaliation, Georgia’s father has cut off the vital water supply that leads to the Rutherford estate.

    Aware of a mutual attraction, Georgia and Ezra are determined to put an end to the unpleasantness. Meanwhile Zachary Sheridan, the Duke of Winchester, has asked Ezra to help with a problem that is vital to the well-being of the nation—a problem that appears to involve Georgia’s father.

    With Georgia all but promised in marriage, and with the search for a fugitive from justice centring on one of Hadleigh’s remote cottages, can Georgia and Ezra end the feud, restore Ezra’s water supply and chase the fugitive to ground? And while they’re doing all this, will they give in to the all-consuming passion that has grown between them—a passion that defies their combined attempts to ignore it…

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  • Impugning the Duke's Honour Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 3

    Impugning the Duke’s Honour: Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 3

    Odilia Sutherland is delighted to receive an invitation to visit the Duke and Duchess of Winchester at their magnificent country estate. Meanwhile, the duke has arranged for Irish artist Carrick Brennan to stay with the family while he paints a portrait of the duchess and her children.

    When Odilia and Carrick meet, the chemistry is immediate and obvious. But he is the son of an Irish pig farmer and she is a member of the aristocracy who is all but promised in marriage to the odious Earl of Basingstoke, an old enemy of the duke’s family. It seems that Basingstoke will stop at nothing to win Odilia’s hand, and he is also working on a devious plan to dishonour the duke by impugning his reputation and destroying his standing in the local community.

    With strong forces ranged against them, can the duke’s family resist the cunning Basingstoke, or will they be forced to face a humiliating future as he snatches the reins of power from the duke and ruins Odilia’s life forever…

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  • Dedicated to the Duke Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 2

    Dedicated to the Duke: Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 2

    Miranda Delaney—Mia—is to spend the summer with her cousin Frankie, the Duchess of Winchester, at the Park, the duke’s palatial country estate. But the pleasure she would otherwise have taken at leaving London and freeing herself from her mother’s cloying supervision is married by the knowledge that she will be expected to select a husband from amongst the ranks of Frankie’s influential friends in order to raise her own family’s prospects.

    Meanwhile Adler, the duke’s long-serving right-hand man, has family problems of his own. When he takes a leave of absence from his position for the first time ever, the duke becomes concerned after difficulties begin to arise on the estate. Could Adler responsible for creating them?

    Mia is out of her depth mixing in such exulted company, and is drawn to Adler, with whom she can share her resentments and fears. She could so easily lose her heart to him, but when he brings a mystery woman to the estate she is forced to accept that his affections are engaged elsewhere. But all is not as it seems, and when Mia finds herself in a life-threatening situation, she discovers a well of courage she had been unaware she possessed. Adler rushes to her rescue, but will he be in time? And what can he do about his intended when he finds himself falling in love with Mia…

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  • Conspiring With the Duke Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 1

    Conspiring With the Duke: Ducal Encounters Series 3 Book 1

    Colonel Caleb Harrison, cavalry officer and war hero, is obliged to undertake dreary desk duties after a crashing fall at Waterloo leaves him permanently lame. When his old friend Amos Sheridan offers him the opportunity to train young horses on the Duke of Winchester’s estate, Cal jumps at the chance. At least on horseback he can still pretend to be a complete man.

    Surprised at the ease with which the Foreign Department release him from his duties, Cal soon suspects that he has been manipulated when the Earl of Romsey, married to the duke’s sister, asks him to befriend a young woman who has just moved to the district. Her father is a senior diplomat in possession of sensitive information vital to British interests whom the Foreign Department have lost all contact with somewhere in China.

    Petra Boyd and her sister Lucy reluctantly leave their home in Kent at the insistence of the Foreign Department and take up residence for the summer to a leased house in Shawford, a short distance from the Duke of Winchester’s palatial home. When a stranger daringly saves Petra from a crashing fall from her horse, she is immediately drawn to the taciturn Caleb Harrison, who seems to think his injured leg makes him less of a man. When questions arise in respect of her father’s loyalties Petra refuses to believe that he could possibly be a traitor. Working with Cal to prove it, Petra is equally determined to make Cal realise that his life didn’t end on the battlefield.

    Can Cal save Petra from the forces of evil, even if he will never be man enough to act upon his growing feelings for the spirited young woman…

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