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  • To Challenge a Duke

    To Challenge a Duke: Dangerous Dukes Vol 12

    Portia Heston is engaged by Lady Selby to prepare her daughter Emily for presentation. She is delighted when she is included in an invitation issued by the Dowager Duchess of Hamilton to spend the summer at Hamilton Hall. Lady Selby intends to promote a marriage between Emily and Elijah, the highly eligible duke.

    Portia has a very different purpose in mind. Her half-brother Jeramiah is missing, last seen in the vicinity of the duke’s estate attempting to break up a criminal enterprise. Portia is determined to rescue the only relative she cares about from his own impetuosity.

    When Elijah catches Portia eavesdropping on a conversation with one of his tenants his curiosity is aroused regarding this most unusual and opinionated paid companion. Together they delve into a murky world of dishonest financial gain possibly intended to fund a political uprising.

    Can Elijah prevent the rebellion that will destroy his family’s name and chip away at the foundation of society? More to the point, can he keep Portia out of harm’s way? Will Portia find Jeramiah alive and what is she supposed to do about her growing admiration for the duke …

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  • A Duke for All Seasons Dangerous Dukes Vol 11

    A Duke for All Seasons: Dangerous Dukes Vol 11

    In fear for her life, Gracie Afton flees a brutal marriage, only to have her carriage break down in the middle of a summer storm. At the mercy of renegades, Gracie is rescued and taken to the safety of an isolated cottage on his estate by Hal Fairfax, the eligible Duke of Swyre.

    Hal has been tasked by the government to delve into activities potentially damaging to British interests that revolve around Afton. Hal has never forgotten dancing with the then Gracie Selhurst during her season two years previously and being mildly disappointed when she chose to marry Afton. He is violently opposed to Gracie’s plan to start a fresh life in America, away from Afton’s reach, but what alternative is available to her? Afton has both the law and society’s sympathy on his side.

    Will Afton run Gracie to ground before Hal can act? Has Afton broken the law or will Gracie be forced to return to her marital home? Will Hal be able to overcome his growing attraction to Gracie, the lady who is married to his nemesis? More to the point, will Hal be in time to rescue Gracie when she recklessly takes matters into her own hands and delves into Afton’s nefarious activities on her own, risking her life and freedom in a desperate attempt to save his…

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  • Lady Audacious Regency Ladies Series

    Lady Audacious: Regency Ladies Series

    Odile Aspen has no recollection of her life before being enrolled as a bewildered ten-year-old at Miss Mackenzie’s Academy for Young Ladies. Upon graduating to a teaching post, a dull, repetitive routine is all she has to look forward to, until she unexpectedly inherits a derelict house and a huge sum of money with which to maintain it.

    Odile doesn’t hesitate to rise to a challenge, and the opportunity to delve into her mysterious past. Her nearest neighbour, Ruben Emory, the elegant and highly-eligible Earl of Amberley, is anxious to purchase Fox Hollow, the eyesore on the perimeter of his property that has remained derelict for years, but Odile isn’t willing to sell. He’s drawn to the intensely private young woman and involves himself in her quest to find answers. Who is she and what right does she have to the house?

    Sarah Farquhar, his mother’s goddaughter, is convinced that Ruben is in love with her and that they will soon be married. Incensed by his interest in someone as inconsequential as Odile, she goes to extreme lengths to eliminate the competition.

    Can Ruben save Odile from the vindictive, unbalanced Sarah, help her find the key to her mysterious background and save her from those queuing up to exploit her…

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  • Sacrificial Bride

    Sacrificial Bride: Stand Alone Regencies

    Cordelia Bentham agrees to marry Sir Cyril Montgomery, providing he settles her father’s debts. She doubts her decision the minute she sets eyes on Sir Cyril – a fat, cruel and drunken dolt who has no intention of making good on his promises to her father, but every intention of anticipating his wedding vows.

    Cordelia finds an unlikely ally in Sir Cyril’s cousin, Lord Angus Dryden. They join forces to discover the truth behind Sir Cyril’s latest suspicious investment scheme, and struggle to ignore the growing attraction that springs up between them. Shocked by revelations that threaten Cordelia’s life, can Angus find an honourable way to rescue her from a dangerous mésalliance before Sir Cyril attempts to cover his tracks by violent and deadly means…

    This title was previously published in a Regency Romantics Anthology

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  • A Sense of Paradise Perceptions Book 8

    A Sense of Paradise: Perceptions Book 8

    On the brink of matrimony, Flora Latimer harbours misgivings about her ability to permanently hold the affections of the sophisticated Marquess of Felsham. Her doubts intensity when Eloise Garnier comes to England, seeking Archie’s help to locate her missing brother. Eloise had nursed Archie in France, where he resided during the years of his recovery following a crashing fall, and they became lovers. She is everything that Flora is not—beautiful, experienced in the art of seduction and starkly determined to re-engage Archie’s affections.

    It transpires that Eloise’s brother has been enticed to England by Lord Avery, who was the mainstay of Flora’s father’s cruel exorcisms and a man who bears Archie a massive grudge. Latimer, disgraced and banished from the ecclesiastical seat of power in Salisbury to a lowly rural parish, blames Flora and Archie for his fall from grace and is out to recover his position by whatever ruthless means necessary.

    Have Latimer and Avery combined forces in an effort to permanently separate Archie from Flora—the only woman he will ever love and whom he’s willing to protect with his dying breath? And can Archie convince Flora that she really will be all that he ever requires in a wife…

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  • Death of a Scribe Riley Rochester Investigates Book 10

    Death of a Scribe: Riley Rochester Investigates Book 10

    London 1872. All of society is on tenterhooks. One of its members has the audacity to sell tattle to a gossip magazine. Reputations and worse are being ruined and those with something to hide fear they will be the gossip’s next target.

    When Lord Riley Rochester, Chief Inspector in Scotland Yard’s Detective Department, is called to the murder of James Nesbitt, a solicitor’s clerk, it becomes apparent that it is he who wrote the offending column. Since he is not a member of the aristocracy, it follows that someone within its ranks must be feeding him the necessary information.

    Any one of Nesbitt’s victims could have sought the ultimate form of revenge, but how did they discover his identity when he had been so careful to keep it secret?

    Riley and his trusty sergeant, Jack Salter, dig deeper into the victim’s life and discover a plethora of reasons for the murder that have nothing to do with gossip. Fighting against the bitter weather and his worries about Amelia, who is close to giving birth to his second child, Riley has more suspects than he can cope with, each with a compelling reason to kill Nesbitt. But Riley has no firm evidence against any of them.

    Will Riley solve his most complex case yet…

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  • Loyal to the Duke Ducal Encounters Series 4 Vol 5

    Loyal to the Duke: Ducal Encounters Series 4 Book 5

    When Noah Coleridge accepts the position of lord lieutenant, a figure of authority responsible for law and order in Basingstoke and beyond, he is unprepared for the level of unrest that exists in the region. Unsure whom to trust, he turns to Zachary Sheridan, the Duke of Winchester, for advice.

    Zach is celebrating the birth of his fifth child and looking forward to spending time with his extended family over the Easter period. Aware of the rumblings of discontent in Basingstoke that could easily spill over into Winchester, he helps Noah to negotiate the tangle of dissatisfaction left behind by the disgraced Lord Basingstoke.

    Farrah Leighton, a friend of Lady Katrina Sheridan, is invited to spend Easter at Winchester Park. Still smarting after being jilted by the man she’d intended to marry, she has little time for affairs of the heart and no interest in matrimony. She admires the suave and sophisticated Noah Coleridge but will never trust any gentleman’s assurances ever again.

    When Farrah’s former intended appears unexpectedly in Winchester, Farrah is dragged into Noah’s problems, with devastating consequences. Noah, torn between duty and his growing interest in Farrah, finds himself the victim of a cruel deception. Caught up in a deadly trap, he must find a way to escape if he is to have any chance of saving Farrah from a forced abduction and restore order to the district…

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  • Romancing the Runaway The Forsters Series book 4

    Romancing the Runaway: The Forsters Series book 4

    England 1816 Miranda Cantrell is desperate to escape the confines of her overbearing guardian and return home to Cornwall. She’s certainly not going to marry his ridiculous son. What she doesn’t anticipate is finding herself stranded, wedged between several bales of hay in a stable, nearly freezing to death.

    Relieved to have escaped the madness of London, Lord Gabriel Forster comes home for some much-needed tranquility. Inexplicably fascinated by the lovely young woman he finds on his estate, Gabe rightly assumes there’s more to the story—why is her guardian so intent on seeing her married to his son? He’ll take her to Cornwall himself to find out.

    When they discover her childhood home has been stripped of all its valuables, Gabe uncovers more to the old house than either of them had imagined. And with Gabe’s safety hanging in the balance, Miranda is prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loves…

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  • Carlton House Cartel Amara

    Amara: Carlton House Cartel

    July 1816, one of the wettest summers in living memory. The Prince of Wales transfers his court to his Brighton seaside pavilion at a time when the squabble with Greece over the Elgin marbles is in danger of turning into a diplomatic incident. In a clumsy effort to intervene, the prince engages the services of Amara, a beautiful Greek soprano, to entertain at his summer court.

    Amara is aware that her father, who despises everything to do with England, will raise merry hell when he learns of her disobedience. Committed to marrying a man she dislikes, Amara is determined to make the most of her freedom but doesn’t expect to fall violently in love with Louis Harland, a member of the cartel of aristocratic younger sons dedicated to protecting the prince’s interests.

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  • Fit for a Duke: Dangerous Dukes Vol 10

    With his brothers all dead, Ezra Delaney reluctantly becomes the latest Duke of Wickham. Conscious of the fact that someone is attempting to kill him too, the reclusive duke makes it known that he has accepted an invitation to Lady Fletcher’s house party with the intention of choosing a bride, hoping to lead the assassin into a trap.

    Clio Benton, who resides with her aunt, is looking forward to her first society party but doesn’t anticipate overhearing a conversation that leads her to suppose the guest of honour is a murderer.

    When Mark Salford, Clio’s father’s former adjutant, arrives unannounced at the party claiming to be engaged to Clio, both she and Ezra are highly suspicious, especially as there is bad blood between Ezra and Salford.

    Thrown together, Ezra must watch his own back but finds himself taking risks to protect the impulsive Miss Benton. For her part, Clio is determined to keep the duke safe and fend off Salford’s advances. Could he have come to settle the score between himself and Ezra and be using his imaginary affection for Clio as cover? Could Ezra’s mother’s lover be responsible for killing off his family? And what of his foppish cousin?

    With too many suspects and no obvious motive, can Ezra and Clio ignore the growing attraction between them as they search for answers…

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  • Mrs Darcy Entertains Volumes 1 - 5

    Mrs Darcy Entertains Volumes 1- 5

    Miss Bingley’s Revenge

    Lydia descends upon Pemberley on the eve of Lizzy’s first house party as mistress of the opulent estate. Wickham has quit the army and gone to London to resurrect his career in the law.

    Miss Bingley, determined to rescue Darcy from his reckless marriage, finds an unlikely ally in George Wickham. If Darcy were to find his ‘fine-eyed’ wife in a compromising position with Wickham of all people, he would never forgive her.

    Can Lizzy save her marriage without hurting Jane by exposing Miss Bingley’s machinations? And what of Lydia? How can Lizzy protect her foolish sister in the face of Wickham’s despicable actions…

    Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Dilemma

    Lady Catherine de Bourgh invites herself to Pemberley, determined to bring about an engagement between her daughter Anne and Colonel Fitzwilliam. But the influence of Anne’s new tutor, the charismatic Mr Asquith, has brought out Anne’s rebellious streak.
    Lizzy Darcy, struggling to handle Lady Catherine, is at her wits end when Mr Collins arrives at Pemberley, bringing disquieting rumours regarding Mr Asquith’s character.

    Will Anne find the courage to defy her mother, risk being disinherited, and follow her heart? Can Joshua Fitzwilliam save Celia Sheffield, Lizzy’s neighbour and the woman who captivates him, from the debauched individual who wants more from her than simply to get his grasping hands on her fortune…

    Miss Darcy’s Passion

    After an absence of twelve years, Dominic Sanford returns to his dilapidated estate on the borders of Pemberley, journals having come into his possession that bring into question the accident that killed his parents. Could they have been murdered?

    Georgiana Darcy feels an immediate attraction towards her brother’s engaging friend. Determined to help his search for the truth, she scours her own father’s diaries and discovers disquieting information about illegal activities at the time of the Sanfords’ demise.

    As Dominic and Georgiana delve deeper, they uncover a fiendish web of criminality fuelled by a thirst for revenge against Dominic. By involving Georgiana, Dominic unwittingly places her in danger. Can he save the woman whom he has come to admire, and find justice for his parents…

    Kitty Bennet’s Dilemma

    Determined to propose to Kitty Bennet during the course of Mrs. Darcy’s house party, Major Richard Turner is forced to choose between family honour and his heart’s desire.

    The prospect of fatherhood terrifies Wickham. Lydia and her family travel to Derbyshire to attend Lizzy’s party, from which Wickham is excluded. He follows them to his native county, determined to settle matters between himself and Darcy once and for all.

    Tensions permeate the gathering as Lizzy struggles to keep the warring factions apart. Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet are at loggerheads. Richard’s father disapproves of almost everything he sees. Miss Bingley still has her sights set on Darcy. When Georgiana’s engagement ball goes off without a hitch, Lizzy allows herself to think the week must just be a success…until Kitty disappears under mysterious circumstances.

    Who could have taken her and can she be found before her reputation is compromised beyond recall…

    Lydia Wickham’s Journals

    Wickham is dead and Lydia remains subdued, consumed by guilt over the selfish behaviour that almost cost her family its respectability. Lizzy Darcy encourages Lydia to record her earliest memories of life in Hertfordshire. But Lydia can only recall acts of rebellion and falls into an even deeper depression.

    Patrick Shannon returns to Derbyshire after a ten year absence, suspicious about the demise of his late father’s thriving silk manufacturing business. Offering to help Lizzy’s enigmatic new neighbour, Lydia finds herself drawn into a web of secrecy and lies that threatens the safety of them both.

    Meanwhile, Caroline Bingley has set her heart on winning Patrick’s affections and this time no member of the Bennet family will stand in her way…

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  • The Hunter Files British Marine Crime Mystery

    The Hunter Files: British Marine Crime Mystery

    Unfinished Business
    Charlie Hunter, Detective Inspector retired at forty to work on his boat and go fishing with his son, not to become an amateur sleuth. But he can’t say no to Kara Webb when she seeks his help tracking down her sister, missing for fifteen years. The disappearance of teenager Jasmine Webb was one of the first cases Charlie worked on as a detective. He’s never forgotten his suspicions, even after the girl’s parents told police they’d heard from her and the file was closed.

    When Charlie’s son is threatened, it’s no longer about closure but about protecting his family. The dead ends are frustrating, until Charlie realises that the question they should be asking isn’t where’s Jasmine but who has Jasmine become…

    Risky Business
    Cleo Kendall is convinced that her father, serving a life sentence for murder, isn’t guilty and Charlie agrees with her. His investigation leads him to his estranged stepbrother and the case becomes personal.

    With a jealous former colleague watching his every move, Charlie delves deeper into dangerous territory, aware that someone doesn’t want him to get to the bottom of this case—ever…

    Lethal Business
    Why kill the survivors of a sinking ship?

    A speeding boat rams a life raft, leaving no survivors. A man embroiled in an investigation of potential suicide bombers disappears…

    Charlie believes the two events are related and accepts a job working a charter between England and France—the only way to get close to the mastermind. But all is not as it seems on the shifting seas and Charlie finds himself quite literally out of his depth. Political intrigue is not his thing, but then neither is being threatened or giving up when lives are at stake, including his own…

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