Victorian Vigilantes

VigilantesVictorian Vigilantes Vols 1 - 6


Saving Grace
1851 The Great Exhibition. The largest diamond in the world has been gifted to Queen Victoria. Plans to steal it reach the Home Secretary, who calls in Jacob Morton, the Earl of Torbay, to prevent a diplomatic incident.
Lady Eva Woodstock is trapped in a loveless marriage to the man behind the plot. Throwing in her lot with Jake’s friend, Lord Isaac Arnold, her passions are awoken but she will never be free of her husband, nor will she gain custody of her daughter, Grace.
How far will a mother go to secure her child’s future and protect the man she loves…
Heirs and Graces
England 1852. When one of the Prime Minister’s critics is found dead, suspicion falls upon extreme Radicals and Jake is tasked with investigating.
Olivia Grantley befriends Amelia Armitage, whose father has links to the Radicals. When Amelia refuses an advantageous offer of marriage, Jake’s friend Lord Fergus Willard champions her cause. With unexplained disappearances and the prospect of another attack by the Radicals, Jake and Olivia struggle to stay one step ahead of their enemies…
With Good Grace
Once falsely accused of her husband’s murder, Olivia’s nightmare returns when her sister-in-law begs her to search for her missing husband, Sir Hubert Grantley.
Their search embroils Olivia and Jake in the petty jealousies of London theatreland. The stakes are raised when a man dies in Olivia’s late husband’s theatrical agency and her three-year-old son is threatened.
Who killed Marcus Grantley? What has become of Sir Hubert? Will Olivia’s son be saved and will Olivia and Jake finally succumb to passion…
Fall From Grace
Lady Megan Cantrell is escorted home from India by her late husband’s friend, Lord Charles Hadley. Megan and her baby son, now the Earl Cantrell, are turned away from Cantrell Court and an attempt is subsequently made to abduct Megan’s son.
The Cantrell clan poison society’s opinion against Megan. Until the validity of her marriage to Luke Cantrell and the legitimacy of Luke’s heir can be established, Megan’s life and that of her baby are in mortal danger.
Miranda Southcott, the woman Jake had intended to marry ten years previously, makes an unexpected reappearance in Jake’s life. Out for revenge, she threatens to make public particulars of Jake’s brother’s death that could adversely affect Jake’s reputation.
Can Jake find a way to save Megan and her son, fend off Miranda’s attempts at blackmail and keep his reputation intact…
Social Graces
When a marquess’s affair with a leading actress ends in murder it threatens the integrity of the entire British aristocracy. Lord Chichester persuades Jake to clear his name. Sophia Larson, the dead actress’s sister, is equally determined to prove the marquess’s guilt.
Sophia and Otto Milton, one of Jake’s vigilantes, delve into the murky world of London theatreland and unearth alternative suspects, all of whom had reasons to want Connie Saville dead. Olivia is unable to stop Sophia from rashly following the killer’s trail and placing herself in danger.
Will Otto be in time to save Sophia from her own impetuosity…
Elegance and Grace
When Annabel Aitken, the wilful daughter of an influential politician, goes missing, her family turn to Jake, who enlists the help of political aide Roscoe Floyd, a man with a romantic interest in Annabel's older sister Jemima. Connections to arrogant political usurper Fergus Quinn are unearthed, and the delicate problem of the Irish Question rears its head in a game of ruthless political one-upmanship.
Can Jake and Ros keep a lid on this potential powder keg as they hunt for Annabel and try to uncover the real reason for her disappearance? Set against the rigid structure of elite nineteenth century Victorian society, their search must be played out according to the rules of the aristocracy.
But not everyone is playing by those rules…



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