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  • Perceptions Series Vols 1 - 3

    Perceptions Series Volumes 1 – 3

    A Sense of Belonging

    Wiltshire, England – Spring 1880

    Second sight – a blessing or a curse?

    Flora Latimer’s exceptional gift of second sight finds disapproval with her clergyman father, resulting in her taking a position as companion to an eccentric Dowager Countess of Swindon. Can Flora use her abilities to prevent the family from being embroiled in scandal and save Luke Beranger, the current earl, from ghosts that have returned to haunt him…

    A Sense of Purpose

    Flora’s ability to control the increasingly eccentric Dowager Countess of Swindon has swiftly made herself indispensable to the entire Beranger family. She revels in the freedom that separation from her puritanical and overbearing father affords her, allowing her natural spirituality to come to the fore.
    When Miranda Defoe, a recently orphaned neighbour, returns to the district, Flora’s sixth sense compels her to protect the young woman from the Coopers, a family which has latched onto Miranda. As the relationship between Miranda and the earl’s brother Charlie progresses beyond their platonic childhood friendship, Miranda’s independence and strength of character puts her innocence at risk.

    It seems that the Coopers will stop at nothing to gain control of Miranda’s fortune. Can Flora and the Berangers come to her aid before her honour is compromised and before the growing threat to her life becomes a reality…

    A Sense of Misgiving

    Flora’s position comes under threat once again – but this time it’s not just her father who wants her removed from Beranger Court. Influential members of the aristocracy join forces to rake up on scandals that could ruin the good name of Luke Beranger, the Earl of Swindon. They seem equally determined to take Flora down too.

    Meanwhile Lady Mary, Luke’s younger sister, is being assiduously courted by fortune hunter Fergus Redfern, whose sister has an old score to settle with Luke. Can Paul Dalton, Luke’s trusted friend and right-hand man, save Mary’s reputation, and will Flora’s uncanny abilities help her to shake off the persistent shadow of her father before she finally turns twenty-one and achieves independence? Can the growing attraction between Flora and Luke ever blossom into anything more than mutual respect…

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  • Riley Rochester Investigates Volumes 4 - 6

    Riley Rochester Investigates Volumes 4 – 6

    Follow Lord Riley Rochester – Chief Inspector Rochester of Scotland Yard’s newly formed Detective Department – as he delves into Victorian London’s criminal fraternity. Will he uncover the identities of vicious killers inspired by greed, a sense of injustice and the pressing need for revenge…

    Death of a Scoundrel

    Roderick Woodrow is a ladies’ man. While the female half of society weeps at his violet demise, it seems that almost every man in London had a reason to want Rod dead. Jealousy, reputation, money, blackmail, double standards, hypocrisy and ruthless ambition are involved in a case that forces Riley to make a stark choice between duty and family loyalties.

    Death of an Artist

    Melanie Mottram, a governess and aspiring artist, is far from being an innocent victim. Calculating and manipulative, a growing list of suspects seem desperate to cast the blame on one another…

    Death of a Recluse

    When fabulously wealthy young recluse Sir Theodore Allen is found dead from cyanide poisoning, Riley discovers that his circumstances are far from straightforward. With Scotland Yard’s cells overflowing with suspects, Riley must pit his wits against a wily and desperate individual who will stop at nothing to avoid an appointment with the hangman.

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  • Riley Rochester Investigates Volumes 1 - 3

    Riley Rochester Investigates Volumes 1 – 3

    Death of a Debutante

    In 1870s London, Scotland Yard’s famous Detective Department is still in its infancy. Lord Riley Rochester, younger son of a marquess, is one of its first detective inspectors.
    When a debutante is murdered in the home of Lord Ashton, Riley’s vengeful superior hands him the investigation, hoping to see him fail. As Riley and his sergeant, Jack Salter, delve into the circumstances surrounding Emily Ferguson’s death, it quickly becomes apparent that his own class expect him to exonerate its members from all blame. But the murder was committed at a society event, and Riley’s conscience won’t allow him to ignore the

    evidence that points to one of the guests—or hosts—being the killer.

    Everyone has something to hide and tempers fray as a heatwave holds London in its sweltering grasp. When a second death occurs, Riley fears he may be incapable of preventing a terrible miscarriage of justice. Will he and Jack manage to uncover the true identity of the killer without endangering those whom Riley holds most dear…

    Death of a Courtesan

    Detective Inspector Rochester and his sergeant, Jack Salter, are called to a high-end brothel to investigate the murder of one of its inhabitants. Her throat has been cut from after the customers had left for the night and the doors had been locked, and no one admits to hearing a thing.

    As Riley and Jack delve into the beautiful young victim’s background and the reasons for her fall into prostitution, an increasing number of suspects with compelling reasons for wanting her dead emerge. Riley is astounded to discover that his nemesis, Chief Inspector Danforth, is one of the brothel’s regular visitors. He was there on the night of the murder, spent an hour alone with the victim and must be viewed as a suspect. Riley could be forgiven for revelling in Danforth’s downfall after all the insults he has suffered at the chief inspector’s hands, but his concern is for the reputation of the Detective Department and he does all he can to shield Danforth from public derision.

    Unsurprised by the depths of depravity some men willingly sink to in order to find gratification, Riley is unprepared for the damage that could be done to the reputation of his own family if he doesn’t get to the truth. But at what cost to his personal ambitions…

    Death of a Prosecutor

    Inspector Riley Rochester’s latest case strikes close to home. When his friend, notable barrister Sir Robert Glover, is stabbed to death outside his chambers, there are far too many suspects. Sir Robert’s family, those he worked with, shadowy figures from his past and every resentful criminal he ever prosecuted. What’s worse, the case is inextricably linked with a Scotland Yard colleague’s rather slipshod investigation, and Riley must be diplomatic in his dealings with his superiors and fellow officers if he’s to get to the truth.
    Riley and his sergeant, Jack Salter, take to the task with their customary professionalism – although Riley’s judgement is clouded by nervous anticipation of Amelia Cosgrove’s response to his proposal of marriage and by the sudden decline in his nephew’s health. Knowing that if his nephew dies Riley will become his brother’s heir, he must come to terms with the fact that he will one day be the Marquess of Chichester whilst simultaneously trying to solve the hardest case of his career to date…

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  • Dangerous Dukes Volumes 5 - 8

    Dangerous Dukes Volumes 5 – 8

    Volumes five to eight of my best-selling Dangerous Dukes series bundled together in a convenient boxset.

    Game of Dukes

    When the new Duke of Ely returns to England to take up his responsibilities he’s greeted by a family at war and a beautiful your woman pointing a shotgun at him…

    Dukes and Indiscretions

    When Georgia Langdon married Ellery Bentham’s cousin, she broke Ellery’s heart. Now that Ellery is the Duke of Rochester, Georgia is widowed and part of his life again. Can he believe her reasons for rejecting his love…

    Never Dare a Duke

    Brinley Wentworth, the Duke of Exeter, is not in the best of moods when his mother insists upon his hosting a week-long shooting party—a paltry excuse to force eligible females upon him. Farrah Dorset is equally disenchanted with the prospect of accompany her friend Lady Hazel Beardsley to the party. When she is attacked on Brin’s estate, they are thrown together. But Farrah isn’t what the dowager duchess has in mind for her son…

    To Desire a Duke

    Evan Gilliard died a hero’s death at Waterloo but his widow, Brione, is shunned by society when rumours regarding his patriotism circulate. Determined to clear his name, she crosses swords with Troy Erskine, the Duke of Alford and Evan’s commanding officer. Shocking facts come to light and Brione’s life is threatened. Can Troy save the woman who has come to mean so much to him and somehow persuade her that love deserves a second chance…

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  • Box Set Dangerous Dukes Vols 1-4

    Dangerous Dukes Volumes 1 – 4

    Volumes one to four of my best-selling Dangerous Dukes series bundled together in a convenient boxset.

    To Defy a Duke

    Elias Shelton, the Duke of Winsdale, has a duty to produce an heir. Completely indifferent, he leaves his mother to invite all the most suitable candidates to a house party at Winsdale Park, promising to choose one of them as his duchess. Returning home after several days of pre-nuptial carousing, Eli falls from his horse and badly injures his head. His life is saved by a mysterious woman who fascinates and enthrals Eli.

    Athena Defoe and her young twin sisters are hiding from their past in a tumbledown cottage on Eli’s estate. Athena doesn’t entirely trust in Eli, but he is determined to protect her so must first discover whom she is so hiding from. With attention focused on her due to the duke’s interest, Athena’s whereabouts becomes known and danger visits her quiet corner of Hampshire.

    Caught up in the whirl of his mother’s entertainments, Eli must race against time to save the woman he’s fallen in love with, even if she isn’t duchess material…

    The Duke’s Legacy

    Abigail Carstairs suspects that someone is trying to kill her. As sole heir to the late Duke of Penrith’s vast estate, she assumes her fortune is her aggressor’s objective but refuses to accept that any of her relations are culpable.

    In desperation she turned to the notorious rake, Lord Sebastian Denver. Unable to deny a lady in distress, Sebastian inveigles his way into Abbey’s hunting lodge, where all the suspects are gathered. Distracted by his growing attraction towards Abbey, Sebastian is unprepared when a further attempt is made on her life.

    Blaming himself for almost getting her killed, Sebastian is determined not to be found wanting a second time. He delves into Abbey’s past and lays a daring trap for her aggressors in a race against time to keep Abbey safe…

    A Duke by Default

    Marc Rothwell’s cousin should have been the next Duke of Broadstairs but died before he could assume the title. With the utmost reluctance, Marc takes his place and sets about finding a suitable wife in order to produce an heir. Caught in a compromising position with Miss Harriet Aston, Marc proposes to possibly the only woman in England with no interest in becoming a duchess.

    Marc soon discovers that Harriet appears determined to make him fall in love with her, even though he makes it perfectly clear that theirs will be a marriage of convenience. In spite of his efforts to keep her safe, Harriet is brutally attacked. Before he can unearth the identities of those seeking to undermine his position, Marc is horrified when Harriet recklessly throws herself in the path of danger again in an effort to protect him.

    Can Marc ensure the safety of his wilfully disobedient wife before his enemies strikes again…

    Of Dukes and Deceptions

    When Nickolas Buchanan, the Duke of Dorchester, accepts an invitation to visit a country stud farm, he counters his boredom by striking a wager with his henchman that he’ll bed the poor relation, Alicia Woodley, before the end of his stay. But he reckons without Alicia’s disdain. She’s disgusted by Nick’s cavalier attitude, unimpressed by his grandeur and wants nothing to do with him.

    Between her newfound role as family charity case and fending off the attentions of both her clueless cousin and the arrogant Nickolas, Alicia has quite enough to contend with. But when her life is endangered, quite possibly from those closest to her, surprisingly it’s Nick who seems determined to ensure her safety. As they conspire to uncover secrets that the family wants to keep hidden at all costs, they discover a passion that surpasses all obstacles…

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  • Box Set Ducal Encounters Series 2

    Reunited with the Duke

    Zachary Sheridan, the Duke of Winchester, hopes to heal the breach between the two branches of his family when he invites his five cousins, recently returned to England after ten years in America, to Winchester Park.

    Eleanor Sheridan barely remembers the land of her birth and nervously voices her concerns about her family’s uncertain future to a Matthew Wainwright, whom she mistakes for a groom.

    When aspects of Ellie’s life in America threaten to destroy her family, Matthew takes up the cudgels on her behalf, even though he will never be in a position to seek the hand of the lady who has stolen his heart…

    Christmas with the Duke

    Zach is looking forward to celebrating Christmas surrounded by his family, including Sean Trafford, Lord Vincent Sheridan’s brother-in-law.
    When Sean chances upon a beautiful stranger on Vince’s land, he discovers that Chloe Carmichael is being defrauded out of her murdered father’s fortune by an unscrupulous individual. A woman claiming to be Marianne, Sean’s late wife, leaves tantalising clues that imply she may not actually have died after all.

    Has Sean’s wife returned from the grave? Can Sean and Zach unmask this mysterious stranger, and will they find a way to prove that Chloe is being swindled…

    Representing the Duke

    Max Sheridan is charged with locating a baby abandoned eighteen years previously at Barchester Hall, the foundling home started by Zach’s father.

    Sara Kenton teaches at Barchester Hall but runs away to escape an unsuitable marriage, taking one of the most vulnerable children with her. She goes to Winchester Park, determined to give the duke a firsthand account of the irregularities at Barchester Hall.

    Satisfied that Sara is the abandoned child Max has been asked to find, it becomes apparent that someone wants Sara silenced – permanently. Who is she? Who is abducting orphans from the foundling home? And can Max and Sara, two people with such diverse backgrounds, possibly find happiness in one another’s arms…

    Safeguarding the Duke

    Someone has the audacity to issue threats against the duke’s baby son. Zach turns to Lewis Nash for help.
    Cora Sheridan, intrigued by the presence of a rake in their midst, sets about trying to discover why Lewis is really at the Park. Lewis curses Cora’s interfering ways and has no choice but to involve her in the investigation, inadvertently placing her life in danger.

    Can Lewis keep Cora safe and find out who is threatening the life of an innocent child…

    Acting for the Duke

    Calpurnia Garrard’s husband’s death was ruled an accident and Alfie Sheridan doubts that it will be possible to uncover evidence to the contrary eighteen months after the event.

    Acting for the duke, Alfie discovers that someone is hiding the truth and also developing inappropriate ideas about Callie. As the danger increases, so too does Alfie’s attachment to Callie and his determination to keep her safe.

    Will Alfie find a way to prove Callie’s suspicions about her husband’s death, save her from the rogue who will go to any lengths to secure her affections, fulfil his obligations to his brother and follow his heart…

    Emulating the Duke

    Lady Ayla Courtney reaches the heartbreaking decision to sell Felsham Court, the house left to her by her beloved grandmother. She discovers that Hubert, her sister’s husband, has political ambitions that rest upon Ayla’s cooperation. Caught up in the middle of the property dispute, Jon Sheridan should walk away but feels compelled to offer Ayla his help.
    Thrown constantly into Jon’s company, Ayla’s passions are aroused. But she has a guilty secret that’s precludes her from ever forming a permanent attachment to any man.

    Can Jon purchase the house without letting his feelings for Ayla run out of control? And can Ayla escape the life-threatening situation that Hubert’s desperation embroils her in…

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  • Box Set Ducal Encounters Series-1

    Box Set Ducal Encounters Series 1

    Updated October 2020

    At the Duke’s Discretion

    Crista flees to her uncle’s village close to Winchester, pursued by the villains who murdered her father.

    Lord Amos Sheridan is astounded when Crista becomes implicated in treasonous acts. With the backing of his brother, the Duke of Winchester, Amos and Crista launch a daring scheme to expose the identities of those prepared to betray their country for personal gain.

    Dangerously close to falling in love with Amos, Crista reminds herself that he is a duke’s heir and she a nobody with a criminal past…

    With the Duke’s Approval

    Lady Annalise Sheridan, sister to the Duke of Winchester, is determined to make an impression upon Clarence Vaughan, the Earl of Romsey, but is instead abducted from a society ball.

    Annalise outwits her captors, leaving Clarence and her brothers to retaliate while she redoubles her efforts to make Clarence fall in love with her, unwittingly causing more problems for her intended that put his life at risk.

    Can two such diametrically opposed characters ever find happiness together…

    Portrait of a Duke

    Lord Vincent Sheridan, the Duke of Winchester’s brother, rescues eight-year-old twins from a brawl and returns them to their aunt, Niamh Trafford, whose grandfather, the famous Irish portraitist, has taken a tumbledown estate close to the duke’s country seat.

    Drawn into the Sheridan’s elite circle, Nia admits to Vince that someone is faking Trafford portraits, exploiting her grandfather’s diminished mental state for their own gain.

    Vince and Nia use Trafford’s portrait of the duke as bait to uncover the identity of the forger. In so doing, Nia and the twins fall foul of a ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to exact revenge against the Trafford family. Vince is equally determined to save the woman he has fallen deeply in love with. Will he be in time…

    For the Duke’s Pleasure

    Civil unrest in the north of England spreads gradually south. The Duke of Winchester enlists the help of Adam Pengelly to discover the identity of the agitators’ ringleaders.

    Lady Portia, the duke’s younger sister, is enthralled by Adam’s falcons and attracted to the man himself. When she overhears him agree to a clandestine meeting on a secluded part of the estate she follows him; with catastrophic results she could not have foreseen.

    Adam is perilously close to developing feelings for a lady who is out of his class. Besides, his heart already belongs to another…

    In the Duke’s Estimation

    Lady Katrina Heston has spent her life living abroad. Permitted to travel to London for part of the season beneath Lady Frankie St. John’s chaperonage, she’s determined to enjoy herself before marrying the man her father has chosen for her.

    Lord Nathaniel Sheridan, the Duke of Winchester’s youngest brother, is enchanted by Katrina’s lively personality and horrified to learn that her father has promised her to a dullard like Brown. Convinced that Brown has manipulated Heston, Nate delves deeper into that gentleman’s affairs, with shocking results.

    Can Nate save Katrina from a highly unsuitable marriage without creating a scandal or threatening the life of the lady he’s come to adore…

    Captivating the Duke

    Zachary Sheridan, the Duke of Winchester, discovers that his father’s life was saved from a youthful misadventure by his friend Euston. In gratitude, Winchester signed a document promising his heir in marriage to Euston’s daughter. Both men are dead, but Euston’s widow is determined that Zach will honour the agreement.
    Zach doubts the validity of the document but cannot chance dishonouring his family by challenging the claim and risking a breach of promise case.
    Frankie St John, Zach’s alluring neighbour, is being blackmailed by her brother-in-law. He possesses a document which would ruin her if its contents were to be made public.

    Can Zach and Frankie find a way through this web of intrigue, save the Sheridan family name and find the happiness they so richly deserve …

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  • Pemberley The Next Generation Vols 4 - 6 Pride and Prejudice Variations

    Pemberley: The Next Generation Volumes 4-6

    Eleanor Bingley’s Rebellious Nature
    Hell hath no fury like a mistress scorned…
    Eleanor Bingley is attracted to their neighbour Ross Enfield but Ross is working relentlessly to save the Enfield Brewery from the brink of collapse and has no time for romance.

    Bella Darcy is disturbed when Emily Walton, her fiancé’s former mistress and Ross’s aunt, takes up permanent residence with Ross’s family. When Tobias Porter, Wickham’s fugitive son, is hired by Emily to murder Bella the shocking revelation of deeply buried secrets threatens the entire fabric of Ross’s family.

    Will Bella survive the attempt on her life and will Ross and Ellie overcome the obstacles littering their path to happiness…

    Rosie Turner’s Contrary Nature
    The Earl of Cheshire is determined that his great-niece will have a London season, during the course of which she is expected to choose a suitable husband. But Rosie Turner, Kitty’s daughter, is equally determined to follow her heart. Battle lines are drawn between the taciturn earl and a young lady who knows her own mind.

    The handsome and mysterious Hal Lyndon is employed by Mr. Darcy to design new cottages for his estate workers. Rosie helps to reunite him with a beautiful Cornishwoman employed as a governess in a house close to Pemberley. When the earl puts in an unexpected appearance in Derbyshire, Hal offers to repay Rosie by posing as her paramour. But the earl now has someone else in mind for Rosie…a man who will go to any lengths to take possession of her dowry.

    Rosie has fallen in love with Hal, but he is committed to his mysterious Cornishwoman.
    Who is she, what is she to Hal, and will Rosie achieve her heart’s desire…

    Susie Darcy’s Tenacious Nature
    The unexpected appearance in Derbyshire of James Tyrell, son of the famous artist, causes quite a stir when it transpires that someone is hiding out locally and forging his father’s work.
    Susie Darcy is intrigued by James, a useful distraction from her growing interest in Tobias Porter, their trainee steward at Pemberley and Wickham’s illegitimate son. As she and James follow leads, it becomes increasingly apparent that Tobias must be involved in the forger’s business. Could he still be bent upon avenging a father he never knew?

    Susie is torn between her impossible feelings for Tobias and her equally strong attraction towards James. Determined to prove her own worth, she becomes increasingly reckless in her efforts to uncover the forger’s identity and restore the elder Mr Tyrell’s reputation.

    Which of her handsome admirers will rescue her from a life-threatening situation, and is there any possibility of their overcoming the obstacles that prevent them from having a future together…

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  • Pemberley The Next Generation Vols 1 - 3 Pride and Prejudice Variations

    Pemberley: The Next Generation Volumes 1- 3

    Emma Bingley’s Romantic Nature
    Emma Bingley looks forward to a reunion of the entire family at Pemberley, and especially her aunt Lizzy’s spectacular summer ball since Mr Lewis Anderson will be in attendance.

    Much as he admires Emma, Lewis is more concerned about the depletion of his family’s fortune. Determined not to court Emma from anything other than a position of strength, Lewis calls upon his friend Christian Warner, the Earl of Ripon’s heir, for advice. Delving into his father’s dealings, the two friends discover that the old man fell prey to fraudsters.

    When the involvement of the illegitimate son of a man called Wickham emerges, Bella Darcy and Christian join forces, an unlikely alliance in which opposites clash and sparks fly. What harm can Wickham’s son possibly inflict upon Pemberley, and will Lewis ever be in a position to declare himself to the woman who has stolen his heart…

    Naomi Sanford’s Compassionate Nature
    As unrest sweeps through England, even the bad weather can’t spoil Emma Bingley’s happiness as her wedding day approaches. Her cousin, Naomi Sanford, is occupied concocting herbal remedies to relieve the suffering of Welsh migrants flocking into Derbyshire. She is distracted by the arrival of Dr Andrew Kenton, a close friend of Emma’s future husband. Drew shares her interest in herbalism but, on the brink of engagement to the beautiful Lady Sarah Napier, he has a career as a surgeon to the rich and famous awaiting him in London.

    When an attempt is made on Drew’s life Naomi realises that someone is determined to prevent him from fulfilling his potential. Who is so keen to see Dr Kenton dead, and why? Will the assassins try again and what can be done to protect the man who has stolen Naomi’s heart, even if he is promised to another…

    Bella Darcy’s Impetuous Nature
    Bella Darcy looks forward to spending a traditional family Christmas at Pemberley. But when Christian Warner arrives unexpectedly with his uncle, the Earl of Ripon, the presence of the handsome former army officer who stalks her thoughts and stirs her passions promises to make the festivities anything but traditional.

    Warner tells Bella’s father that he has been set upon in London, and recognised his main attacker as Tobias Porter—a member of the Wickham family that bears a long-term grudge against the Darcys. Bella joins forces with the Earl’s highly eligible heir in a daring attempt to draw Porter out. They make themselves targets by pretending to enjoy a romantic attachment. But as the danger closes in, the reality behind the pretence becomes harder to ignore…

    Distracted by his growing awareness of Bella, Chris is unprepared when danger strikes from an unexpected quarter. Can he save Bella from her own impetuous actions, or will his enemies succeeded in wreaking the ultimate revenge…

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  • Victorian Vigilantes Vols 1-6

    Victorian Vigilantes Volumes 1 – 6

    Saving Grace
    1851 The Great Exhibition. The largest diamond in the world has been gifted to Queen Victoria. Plans to steal it reach the Home Secretary, who calls in Jacob Morton, the Earl of Torbay, to prevent a diplomatic incident.

    Lady Eva Woodstock is trapped in a loveless marriage to the man behind the plot. Throwing in her lot with Jake’s friend, Lord Isaac Arnold, her passions are awoken but she will never be free of her husband, nor will she gain custody of her daughter, Grace.
    How far will a mother go to secure her child’s future and protect the man she loves…

    Heirs and Graces
    England 1852. When one of the Prime Minister’s critics is found dead, suspicion falls upon extreme Radicals and Jake is tasked with investigating.

    Olivia Grantley befriends Amelia Armitage, whose father has links to the Radicals. When Amelia refuses an advantageous offer of marriage, Jake’s friend Lord Fergus Willard champions her cause. With unexplained disappearances and the prospect of another attack by the Radicals, Jake and Olivia struggle to stay one step ahead of their enemies…

    With Good Grace
    Once falsely accused of her husband’s murder, Olivia’s nightmare returns when her sister-in-law begs her to search for her missing husband, Sir Hubert Grantley.

    Their search embroils Olivia and Jake in the petty jealousies of London theatreland. The stakes are raised when a man dies in Olivia’s late husband’s theatrical agency and her three-year-old son is threatened.

    Who killed Marcus Grantley? What has become of Sir Hubert? Will Olivia’s son be saved and will Olivia and Jake finally succumb to passion…

    Fall From Grace
    Lady Megan Cantrell is escorted home from India by her late husband’s friend, Lord Charles Hadley. Megan and her baby son, now the Earl Cantrell, are turned away from Cantrell Court and an attempt is subsequently made to abduct Megan’s son.

    The Cantrell clan poison society’s opinion against Megan. Until the validity of her marriage to Luke Cantrell and the legitimacy of Luke’s heir can be established, Megan’s life and that of her baby are in mortal danger.

    Miranda Southcott, the woman Jake had intended to marry ten years previously, makes an unexpected reappearance in Jake’s life. Out for revenge, she threatens to make public particulars of Jake’s brother’s death that could adversely affect Jake’s reputation.

    Can Jake find a way to save Megan and her son, fend off Miranda’s attempts at blackmail and keep his reputation intact…

    Social Graces
    When a marquess’s affair with a leading actress ends in murder it threatens the integrity of the entire British aristocracy. Lord Chichester persuades Jake to clear his name. Sophia Larson, the dead actress’s sister, is equally determined to prove the marquess’s guilt.

    Sophia and Otto Milton, one of Jake’s vigilantes, delve into the murky world of London theatreland and unearth alternative suspects, all of whom had reasons to want Connie Saville dead. Olivia is unable to stop Sophia from rashly following the killer’s trail and placing herself in danger.

    Will Otto be in time to save Sophia from her own impetuosity…

    Elegance and Grace
    When Annabel Aitken, the wilful daughter of an influential politician, goes missing, her family turn to Jake, who enlists the help of political aide Roscoe Floyd, a man with a romantic interest in Annabel’s older sister Jemima. Connections to arrogant political usurper Fergus Quinn are unearthed, and the delicate problem of the Irish Question rears its head in a game of ruthless political one-upmanship.

    Can Jake and Ros keep a lid on this potential powder keg as they hunt for Annabel and try to uncover the real reason for her disappearance? Set against the rigid structure of elite nineteenth century Victorian society, their search must be played out according to the rules of the aristocracy.
    But not everyone is playing by those rules…

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