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  • Divided Loyalties Stand Alone Regencies

    Divided Loyalties: Stand Alone Regencies

    When Leanne’s uncle dies under mysterious circumstances, her home is broken into and an attempt made to abduct one of her brothers, Leanne has no choice but to find a safe hideaway for herself and her siblings. But the relief she feels at securing a position as temporary housekeeper at an isolated hunting lodge feels more like a trap closing around her when its absentee owner, Lord Colton Blaine, arrives unexpectedly. Leanne is drawn to the handsome viscount, despite the fact that he could be the traitor responsible for her uncle’s death. Dare she trust him?

    Colt suspects that his new housekeeper is the woman that half of England’s agents have been attempting to track down. Convinced that she knows where to find the vital communique smuggled out of France that could be pivotal to the outcome of the war, Colt is torn between duty and instinct. Rather than forcing her to admit to her identity, he sets about winning her trust. But at what cost to the war effort, and will the delay give his enemies the opportunity to discover the whereabouts of the woman who is in danger of stealing his heart…

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  • Disinherited Stand Alone Regencies

    Disinherited: Stand Alone Regencies

    Orphaned, penniless and alone, Nadine Egan is determined to unmask the unscrupulous confidence trickster who robbed her of her inheritance. Her search leads her to Jared Beaumont, Earl of Andover. Rich, influential and badly in need of rescuing from his mother’s marriage plans for him, Jared takes an interest in the headstrong Nadine. Can such a handsome and charismatic man really have stooped so low as to rob Nadine of her birthright, or are other more sinister forces at work…

    Previously published in the Regency Romantics’ Intrigues and Heartaches Boxset 2018

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  • Ava's Passion Stand Alone Regencies

    Ava’s Passion: Stand Alone Regencies

    Determined to avenge the death of her sister, Ava Molineux recklessly searches for evidence to condemn Sir Andrew Maddox, the powerful baronet whom Ava holds responsible for Beth’s demise. Rescued from a near-certain death by Theo Farnell, the Earl of Highgate’s brother and the only gentleman in the district of greater consequence than Sir Andrew, Ava is unsure whether she can trust her handsome yet taciturn and fiercely reclusive saviour.

    When Theo’s brother offers Ava an opportunity to prove Sir Andrew’s part in a deception that threatens the fragile Anglo-French relationship following the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo, Ava’s jumps at the opportunity. But Sir Andrew is one step ahead of them and Ava again finds her in a life-threatening situation.

    Fighting his own demons, Theo struggles to deny his growing attraction towards Ava as he attempts to save her from her own folly and Sir Andrew’s tenacious grasp. Will he succeed with any of those ambitions…

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  • Christmas at Castleray Stand Alone Regencies

    Christmas at Castleray: Stand Alone Regencies

    Alisa Langdon is delighted to learn that her uncle, a successful merchant with the East India Company, has finally returned to England. He invites Alisa and her stepfamily to Castleray, his recently acquired estate in Hampshire, for the Christmas celebrations.

    Chase Beaumont, Joseph Langdon’s right-hand man, is also invited but realises that Christmas will be far from the peaceful celebration he’d hoped for when his carriage is shot at during the journey down from London. When he rescues Langdon’s family members stranded at the side of the road and learns that they too have been the victims of unexplained ‘accidents’, he fears that Langdon’s enemies are closing in on him.

    Alisa has her work cut out, keeping her avaricious stepmother from attempting to inveigle her way into her rich uncle’s good graces. When her uncle explains why he felt compelled to leave England so abruptly ten years previously without a word of goodbye, she struggles to come to terms with the shocking truth.

    Why are Langdon’s servants being ostracised in the local village? Can Chase and Alisa discover who attacked them on the road? Has the same person orchestrated the campaign to drive Langdon from Hampshire? And vitally, can Chase ignore his growing attraction to Alisa, who appears intent upon honouring her father’s dying wish by marrying her indolent stepbrother…

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  • For Want of a Reputation Stand Alone Regencies

    For Want of a Reputation: Stand Alone Regencies

    Pascal Devonshire, Earl of Walsea, is on the point of marrying Lady Allegra Bardolph, thus ensuring that he conforms with the terms of his father’s will. In engaging the beautiful heiress’s affections, Pascal becomes the envy of his friends. So why does he feel like a condemned man?

    Upon her return to England from Ceylon, society closes ranks against Ophelia Montague, blaming her for her father’s misdemeanours. Her childhood friends Lady Allegra and Cassie Lambert remain loyal, insisting that Ophelia accompanies them to Devonshire Hall for a house party, at the end of which Allegra’s engagement to Lord Walsea will be announced.

    Pascal and Ophelia are drawn to one another by passions that defy all reason, but the attraction is surely doomed. If Pascal doesn’t marry a lady with a spotless reputation, he will forfeit the Devonshire fortune and be unable to support his sisters. Can he find a way to salvage Sir Frederick’s reputation? And even if he can, what of his undertaking to marry Lady Allegra…

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  • Forgotten Heiress Stand Alone Regencies

    Forgotten Heiress: Stand Alone Regencies

    Eloise Hamilton, the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy banker, knows that society ‘s doors will be closed to her. When Lord Richard Craven, heir to a dukedom, singles her out, she is flattered by the attention but harbours no false illusions about the outcome. Her neighbour, the formidable rakehell Harry Benson-Smythe, is not only suspicious of her high-born admirer but inexplicably jealous too.

    As Eloise and Harry work together to solve the mysterious abductions of local girls, the dark side of Richard’s character emerges and his true purpose becomes apparent. So too do Harry’s feelings for Eloise, which transcend the mere neighbourly. But Harry is engaged to another lady and, even if he were not, his father would never sanction a union with Eloise…

    Previously published by Samhain Publishing

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  • A reason to Rebel Stand Alone Regencies

    A reason to Rebel: Stand Alone Regencies

    After one daring act, two worlds collide…

    Duty has always been Estelle Travis’s byword, but every woman has her limits, even a recently widowed one with few prospects. Her father’s calculating plan to force her into another unsuitable marriage is the final straw. In an act of rebellion, she takes up a position as companion to Lady Crawley but soon realizes she may have exchanged one peril for another, in the guise of Alexander, Viscount Crawley.

    Alex is beguiled by the aura of mystery that surrounds his mother’s beautiful companion. Her air of vulnerability brings out his protective instincts in spades. He discovers her well-hidden reckless streak when her sister goes missing and, rather than do what’s expected and return to her father’s austere household, Estelle embarks on her own search for her sibling.

    Amid a thickening cloud of suspicion and whispers of murder, what choice does a gentleman of honour have other than to offer his assistance? Can Alex put aside his growing attraction to his lovely companion, or will he risk exposing himself to dangers that have little to do with her sister’s plight…

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  • Duty's Destiny Stand Alone Regencies

    Duty’s Destiny: Stand Alone Regencies

    Felix, Viscount Western, is infuriated to discover his father’s shipping line is being used to smuggle ex-slaves and is determined to put a stop to the evil trade. The man masterminding the scheme has a daughter, Saskia Eden, who is suspected of being involved as a go-between. Felix registers as a guest at her aunt’s house and is astonished to find Saskia running the place virtually single-handed. Felix soon realizes that Saskia knows nothing of her estranged father’s business and reluctantly accepts her help to get to the truth.

    But what he did not plan on was falling in love with a woman would never consider viscountess material…

    This title previously published by Robert Hale and Musa Publishing

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  • Lady Hartley's Inheritance Stand Alone Regencies

    Lady Hartley’s Inheritance: Stand Alone Regencies

    Clarissa Hartley is distraught when she discovers that her late husband left his entire estate to a son she knows nothing about.

    Her godmother’s son, Luc Deverill, the Earl of Newbury, suspects fraud. Thrown together during the social whirl of a Regency season in full swing, Luc is increasingly drawn towards Clarissa but she thinks him an idle dissipate and finds little to admire in the ways of high society.

    Racing against time to foil those seeking to deceive Clarissa, Luc is horrified when she places herself in the path of danger. At last a woman has dented his impenetrable heart and he rides to her rescue. But has he left it too late to tell her how he feels?

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  • Perceptions Series Vols 1 - 3

    Perceptions Series Volumes 1 – 3

    A Sense of Belonging

    Wiltshire, England – Spring 1880

    Second sight – a blessing or a curse?

    Flora Latimer’s exceptional gift of second sight finds disapproval with her clergyman father, resulting in her taking a position as companion to an eccentric Dowager Countess of Swindon. Can Flora use her abilities to prevent the family from being embroiled in scandal and save Luke Beranger, the current earl, from ghosts that have returned to haunt him…

    A Sense of Purpose

    Flora’s ability to control the increasingly eccentric Dowager Countess of Swindon has swiftly made herself indispensable to the entire Beranger family. She revels in the freedom that separation from her puritanical and overbearing father affords her, allowing her natural spirituality to come to the fore.
    When Miranda Defoe, a recently orphaned neighbour, returns to the district, Flora’s sixth sense compels her to protect the young woman from the Coopers, a family which has latched onto Miranda. As the relationship between Miranda and the earl’s brother Charlie progresses beyond their platonic childhood friendship, Miranda’s independence and strength of character puts her innocence at risk.

    It seems that the Coopers will stop at nothing to gain control of Miranda’s fortune. Can Flora and the Berangers come to her aid before her honour is compromised and before the growing threat to her life becomes a reality…

    A Sense of Misgiving

    Flora’s position comes under threat once again – but this time it’s not just her father who wants her removed from Beranger Court. Influential members of the aristocracy join forces to rake up on scandals that could ruin the good name of Luke Beranger, the Earl of Swindon. They seem equally determined to take Flora down too.

    Meanwhile Lady Mary, Luke’s younger sister, is being assiduously courted by fortune hunter Fergus Redfern, whose sister has an old score to settle with Luke. Can Paul Dalton, Luke’s trusted friend and right-hand man, save Mary’s reputation, and will Flora’s uncanny abilities help her to shake off the persistent shadow of her father before she finally turns twenty-one and achieves independence? Can the growing attraction between Flora and Luke ever blossom into anything more than mutual respect…

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  • A Sense of Paradise Perceptions Book 8

    A Sense of Paradise: Perceptions Book 8

    On the brink of matrimony, Flora Latimer harbours misgivings about her ability to permanently hold the affections of the sophisticated Marquess of Felsham. Her doubts intensity when Eloise Garnier comes to England, seeking Archie’s help to locate her missing brother. Eloise had nursed Archie in France, where he resided during the years of his recovery following a crashing fall, and they became lovers. She is everything that Flora is not—beautiful, experienced in the art of seduction and starkly determined to re-engage Archie’s affections.

    It transpires that Eloise’s brother has been enticed to England by Lord Avery, who was the mainstay of Flora’s father’s cruel exorcisms and a man who bears Archie a massive grudge. Latimer, disgraced and banished from the ecclesiastical seat of power in Salisbury to a lowly rural parish, blames Flora and Archie for his fall from grace and is out to recover his position by whatever ruthless means necessary.

    Have Latimer and Avery combined forces in an effort to permanently separate Archie from Flora—the only woman he will ever love and whom he’s willing to protect with his dying breath? And can Archie convince Flora that she really will be all that he ever requires in a wife…

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  • A Sense of Fate Perceptions Book 7

    A Sense of Fate: Perceptions Book 7

    Flora Latimer settles into life as an independent young woman in Lyneham village with Remus, her interfering spirit guide, always willing to offer unhelpful advice. She spends her days helping the infirm with her herbal remedies and furthers her friendship with Archie Hardwick, the injured Marquess of Felsham, who is now a close neighbor.

    Returning to Salisbury for her sister’s wedding, Flora despairs when her father, the Cathedral’s Dean, attempts to encourage her interest in Elroy Conrad. Flora makes her dislike in the flamboyant banker plain but Conrad proves to be annoyingly persistent.

    Flora’s routine is turned on its head when Melanie, her youngest sister, arrives at her cottage distraught and badly beaten, begging for sanctuary. Flora recognizes the nature of her injuries, having herself suffered similar brutal punishments at their father’s hands.

    Flora fends off her father’s demand for Melanie’s return, and struggles to repel Conrad’s unwelcome attentions. Flora and Archie, at a loss to understand Latimer’s connection to Conrad, delve deeper and uncover a shocking secret. Before they can decide how to act on it, Melanie’s life comes under threat. Given warning by Remus, Flora doesn’t hesitate to rush to her sister’s aid without stopping to consider the consequences.

    Will Archie’s disability prevent him from saving the woman who has come to mean so much to him from her own headstrong determination …

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